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Continuous improvement


The ability to learn lessons and share best practice are essential elements of any successful healthcare team. 

Radar Healthcare makes building a culture of continuous improvement possible. By making training, compliance, and lessons learned quick to record, analyse and understand, continuous improvement becomes ingrained in your culture – not ‘a task’ that never gets done. 

Simple ways to gather complaints and compliments mean these crucial forms of feedback are logged centrally and can be reported on and learned from. Integrated action plans can be used to drive improvements, and then reviewed at a local or organisational level to spot trends, best practice and wider learnings. 

Our unrivalled analytics module plays a huge role in this by enabling actions to be triggered directly from your data, in real time. This means there’s no need to trawl through data manually to find issues or wait until the end of the month report to understand performance.  

Then, when the lessons have been learned, Radar Healthcare makes sharing best practice, and (most importantly) embedding it within your teams, simple. 

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  • Learn lessons and share best practice

  • Reduce complaints and claims

  • Drive improvement with integrated action plans

  • Understand performance in real time

  • Instil a culture of continuous improvement

Just a few of Radar Healthcare’s features:

Central dashboard
Automatic alerts
Standardised work flows
Action and improvement plans
Risk register
Communication tools
Central policies
Workforce compliance

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