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The NHS Digital Clinical Safety Strategy

29 October 2021

An addition to the NHS Patient Safety Strategy, the Digital Clinical Safety Strategy is a joint publication by NHSX, NHS Digital and NHS England and NHS Improvement. It concentrates on improving digital clinical safety across health and social care. 

There are 2 main aims of the NHS Digital Clinical Safety Strategy: 

  • Now and in the future, improving the safety of digital technologies in health and care. 
  • Identifying and promoting the use of digital technologies as solutions to patient safety challenges. 


What is digital clinical safety? 

Digital clinical safety is the avoidance of harm to patients and staff as a result of technologies manufactured, implemented and used in the health service. It’s important that rapidly evolving digital systems don’t cause adverse events and instead help the drive towards improved patient safety.  


The national commitments for digital clinical safety 

The full NHS Digital Clinical Safety Strategy specifies 23 actions, and these have been summarised into 5 national commitments: 

  1. Improve system-wide learning by gathering information about digital clinical safety, for example from Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service.
  2. Expand access to training and develop new digital clinical safety training materials.
  3. Create optimised standards, guidelines and best practice blueprints to form a centralised source of digital clinical safety information.
  4. Through the Medical Devices Safety Programme, accelerate the adoption of digital technologies to record and track implanted medical devices.
  5. Form evidence for how digital technologies can be best applied to patient safety challenges. 


How does Radar Healthcare align with the NHS Digital Clinical Safety Strategy? 

At Radar Healthcare, we strive to help the NHS improve patient safety with our quality, compliance and risk software. Here’s how we fit with the 5 national commitments of the strategy: 

  1. We were the first supplier to pass the LFPSE testing with NHS Improvement.
  2. Our software has a workforce compliance module, meaning that any training required by staff can be tracked to ensure compliance.
  3. Radar Healthcare is one central source of truth, staff know that they can find the latest guidelines on the system.
  4. Interoperable and innovative, Radar Healthcare ensures safety remains a priority no matter which medical devices you explore.
  5. Our intelligent Analytics engine allows you to pull a variety of reports with the click of a button, providing evidence that digital technology is helping tackle patient safety challenges. 


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