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Lifeways Group are Transforming Health and Safety with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) with the help of Radar Healthcare

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Are you looking for a revolutionary risk, quality, and compliance software, designed to ensure the safety of people you support and deliver excellent care outcomes? Introducing Radar Healthcare.

Radar Healthcare Incident Management Solution


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    Used across 10,000 locations worldwide

    When using Radar Healthcare, customers highlighted:

    • Value for money

      The significance of value for money through cost-effective solutions that maximize return on investment and drive financial efficiency across healthcare systems.

    • Time saving

      Saving time for busy clinical teams by automating routine tasks, allowing them to focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens.

    • Data-driven decisions

      Utilizing advanced analytics at a trust level to make informed choices, track progress, and celebrate success within governance processes, enhancing overall care quality and operational effectiveness.

    • Streamlined innovation

      Innovation proposals are 75% more streamlined with increased automation, reducing manual effort and accelerating the implementation of new initiatives.

    • Improved reporting

      Increased near miss reporting, which fosters a proactive approach to patient safety by identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate.

    Elevate your healthcare system with Radar Healthcare

    The right digital technology can support the quest for excellence across your healthcare system. Using intelligent analytics from the data you capture allows you to proactively identify and address the health needs across different areas – improving health outcomes, reducing hospital admissions, and lowering costs. This is achieved by enabling actions to be triggered directly from data, in real-time, by monitoring data patterns and using this data to create events, automate notifications around concerns, and improve operational intelligence. Working in this proactive way leads to a reduction in adverse events, reduced clinical claims, enhanced reputation, and improved patient safety across your whole healthcare system.

    Radar Healthcare partners with some of the world’s leading healthcare providers and cover all health systems: Cleveland Clinic, Bupa, NHS Trusts, Integrated Care Boards, HC-One, United Emirates Healthcare and appointed as the as the chosen Incident Reporting and Learning System for Qatar’s national healthcare system in 2024.

    “Unlocking excellence in healthcare requires seamless, automated data integration to drive continuous improvement. Our intelligent analytics enable real-time decision-making based on data insights, which enhances patient safety, mitigates risks, ensures compliance, and improves operational efficiency. It’s the future of care delivery, right at your fingertips.”

    Paul Johnson, CEO at Radar Healthcare

    Paul Johnson, CEO