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Revolutionary Risk, Quality and Compliance Software for Healthcare Providers

Are you looking for a revolutionary Risk, Quality, and Compliance software, designed to ensure the safety of people you support and deliver excellent care outcomes? Introducing Radar Healthcare.

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    Used across 10,000 locations worldwide

    Your comprehensive solution

    • digital icon Adopt a risk-based approach - bring together your risk, quality and compliance data in one single system
    • workflow Icon Machine learning to automate workflows and implement plans
    • feedback icon Live training and guidance at the push of a button directly to an entire workforce
    • automation icon Open APIs, and IHI Triggers for better healthcare delivery
    • holistic oversight Enhance patient safety, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and improve operational efficiency
    • dashboard icon Intelligent analytics enable real-time decision-making based on data insights

    Elevate your healthcare system with Radar Healthcare, your catalyst for proactive change and the delivery of unparalleled healthcare.

    Shaping the future of healthcare

    The right digital technology can support the quest for excellence across your healthcare system. Using intelligent analytics from the data you capture allows you to proactively identify and address the health needs across different areas – improving health outcomes, reducing hospital admissions and lowering costs.

    What makes Radar Healthcare different?

    CQC Compliance Software

    Experience world-first innovation

    Interoperability plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration across healthcare systems. This enables diverse information platforms, devices, and applications to access, exchange, and integrate data seamlessly, working collectively in a synchronized manner.

    Radar Healthcare’s risk, quality, and compliance system exemplifies this through an open API and IHI Triggers to strengthen quality and safety.

    Paul Johnson, CEO“Unlocking excellence in healthcare requires seamless, automated data integration to drive continuous improvement. Our intelligent analytics enable real-time decision-making based on data insights, which enhances patient safety, mitigates risks, ensures compliance, and improves operational efficiency. It’s the future of care delivery, right at your fingertips.” – Paul Johnson, Radar Healthcare’s CEO and Co-founder 

    Customers highlighted:


    • The significance of value for money
    • Saving time for busy clinical teams
    • Utilizing analytics at a trust level to make informed choices, track progress, and celebrate success within governance processes
    • Innovation proposals are 75% more streamlined with increased automation
    • Increased near miss reporting
    Incident being recorded on mobile device

    Seamless integration

    Radar Healthcare seamlessly integrates with software such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and third-party systems to share critical data. This integration allows the direct incorporation of IHI Triggers into the EHR system, identifying incidents and predicting risks.

    Automatic triggering of event workflows ensures that the relevant people are promptly alerted, facilitating a proactive approach to patient safety. By linking up disparate systems and enabling them to ‘talk’ to each other, healthcare systems can avoid data silos, minimize the potential for errors and duplications, and encourage a more proactive approach rather than reactive.

    Radar Healthcare Dashboard

    Real-time decision-making

    With Radar Healthcare, real-time decision-making is powered by intelligent analytics, ensuring enhanced patient safety, proactive risk mitigation, compliance adherence, and operational efficiency. By instantly identifying risks, deviations, and trends, healthcare providers can take immediate action, optimizing resource allocation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

    Flexible to fit you

    Our quality and compliance software is customizable to your needs. From audits to incident management and risk assessment, all supported by AI-driven analytics, find tailored solutions for your specific requirements.


    Every Radar Healthcare customer can access Analytics, Action Plans and Notices as standard.

    • Analytics and Reporting
      Analytics and Reporting
    • Action and Improvement Plans
      Action and Improvement Plans
    • Notices


    Add-on our additional modules to build the ideal solution for your organization.

    • Incident Management
      Incident Management
    • Audit Management
      Audit Management
    • Document Management
      Document Management
    • Risk Management
      Risk Management
    • Workforce Compliance
      Workforce Compliance

    Radar Healthcare’s features

    training and competency management

    Compliance Tools

    Navigate seamlessly with Workforce Compliance and Document Management, ensuring compliance is second nature.

    Body maps - incident reporting

    Activity Tools

    Manage incidents, events, and workflows effortlessly with Radar Healthcare’s intuitive tools.

    CQC Compliance tracking and reporting

    Quality Assurance Tools

    Conduct audits, schedule tasks, and plan actions seamlessly for excellent care outcomes.

    Hand hygiene audit in Radar Healthcare

    System Management Tools

    Utilize our unique tools within Radar Healthcare to give you the flexibility you need when it comes to capturing the information most valuable to implement positive change.

    Radar Healthcare Analytics

    Powerful Analytics

    Create dynamic dashboards for internal and external stakeholders, providing a comprehensive overview for anyone who needs to know what is happening in any part of your healthcare system.

    Unique API

    Allows you to bring data in from other systems (e.g., Electronic Health Records) as well as hosting forms externally using QR codes and URLs (e.g., patient feedback forms). The data within Radar Healthcare flows bidirectionally, allowing you to seamlessly retrieve information from Radar Healthcare for integration into data warehouses, or import data from external sources and systems into the Analytics module.

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