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We caught up with Walsingham Support on how things are running now they’ve been using Radar Healthcare for 6 years, and how we are helping them with event reporting and relationships in their organisation. 


Misha Fontenot, Quality and Policy Manager, and Mark Wignall, Health and Safety Practitioner for Walsingham Support, spoke to us about how Radar Healthcare has made their jobs easier. 


Managing incidents and events 


Before Walsingham Support used Radar Healthcare, they used manual methods such as paper forms for each event. When something occurred, the relevant person would need to fill out a form and pass it to the appropriate team, who would then review and send a second form over. There was a lot of backward and forwarding, and the information from the forms went into an excel spreadsheet which was cumbersome. They found that contacting all the managers for the next required form would take a long time, in which important details could be forgotten.  

When Radar Healthcare came in, things changed for the better. Because all the forms are online and can be tracked, as well as a weekly reminder sent out, the response rates improved drastically. This meant there was less chasing of staff, which was both time-consuming and frustrating. 


Helping the managers 


Radar Healthcare helped managers in ways they didn’t realise.

Misha Fontenot, Quality and Policy Manager at Walsingham Support

Misha and Mark stated that at first it wasn’t easy to move all managers over from paper-based working to digital, but once they did, the benefits could be realised in how it makes their jobs much easier. 

Previously it took us 2 weeks to create reports, but now it takes just 2 minutes with Radar Healthcare.

Mark Wignall, Health and Safety Practitioner at Walsingham Support

When it comes to reporting, Walsingham Support love how fast it is to pull the information needed. Previously it would have taken 2 weeks to sift through all the relevant information but now it takes 2 minutes to not only pull the information out but also easily see any trends. 

There’s a difference between foraging for information and actually using the information. Radar Healthcare does both for you with just a click.

Misha Fontenot, Quality and Policy Manager at Walsingham Support

Thanks to the quick reporting, Misha and Mark said that about 80% of their admin colleague’s time is saved, which they can use on other areas of the business rather than pulling reports. 


Top-notch customer service 


Misha explained how they recommend Radar Healthcare to other organisations, as it makes everyone’s lives easier and the customer service is fantastic. She said that Radar Healthcare listen to their customers and take their suggestions on board, which becomes apparent in new releases of the product.  

They said how it has also helped improve relationships between managers internally, because the openness of Radar Healthcare allows better responsiveness and transparency.  

Our evolution of health and safety and quality wouldn’t have happened without Radar Healthcare. We haven’t grown our team, yet we’re doing about 60% more than we’ve ever done before thanks to the software.

Misha Fontenot, Quality and Policy Manager at Walsingham Support

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