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Case Study: Care South

Aaron Whitehead began working at Care South three years ago, joining the organisation that currently manages 15 care homes and employs 1200-1300 care staff, during a period of huge change for the company.

When he arrived at Care South, they were completely paper based apart from an electronic medication system. Aaron identified they needed a tool to help manage incidents and somewhere to standardise escalation processes and streamline existing procedures.

Having talked to a former colleague and after reading our case study with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Aaron booked a demo with Radar Healthcare.

From the minute he started to use the system, he liked it.

Radar Healthcare just made sense, it was very easy to use and not overly complicated.

Aaron Whitehead, Director - Residential Care, Care South

Finding a solution for their specific needs

Care South’s objectives were initially quite simple. They needed an electronic incident management system that would support filling in an incident form, as well as guide users through processes and ensure safeguarding and CQC activities were being adhered to.

Compared to our peers, our integrated software provided Care South with exactly what they needed. “We had four other options, but Radar Healthcare won hands down.” Care South needed a system that could be used in conjunction with other processes and Radar Healthcare excelled at this, with Aaron stating that it “talked to other things if we wanted it to.”

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Mistakes can happen

As their project began, Aaron and his team realised that their requirements were bigger than expected, and so they went back to the beginning. Instead of treating the software as an IT issue, and more like an operational tool for all staff, Aaron and the team were able to see what Care South really needed.

Instead of a direct replacement, they chose to reshape their processes to progress further. We pride ourselves on giving our partners the software they need for their organisation and so we worked with Care South to achieve their objectives – even if it meant going back to the drawing board.

In Aaron’s words, they use Radar Healthcare in “its purest form” – ensuring their data across all locations is correct, providing the best insight that they can use to improve their business. As their confidence in Radar Healthcare grew, so did their desire to use other parts of our system.

Revolutionising meetings with digital methods

Now, Aaron and Care South’s teams across the region use Radar Healthcare to present, analyse and learn from their findings. One example where this is best illustrated is in their management meetings.

We’ve gone from a very huge paper-based care governance committee report to a point where the first part of every meeting is me putting up Radar Healthcare on the screen and going through the last quarter – that’s been really helpful.

Aaron Whitehead, Director - Residential Care, Care South

Radar Healthcare changed the way Care South worked and now they have been able to use their initial incident management system to find areas of improvement, report on incidents in real time, and correct these issues as they move forward.

Incident management allows us to underpin our care governance throughout the whole organisation.

Aaron Whitehead, Director - Residential Care, Care South

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