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What is ‘quadruple aim’ and how can organisations achieve it? 

25 November 2021

It has been suggested that if healthcare organisations regularly adopted technology at the rate they did during the pandemic, their performance would improve exponentially through enhanced patient care, better working experiences and cost-saving measures. 

Radar Healthcare is a multi-purpose software to support the management of healthcare organisations, in both private and public sectors. Our software is developed with these four tenets in mind to offer quality solutions for all our clients. 

Higher quality of patient care, with improved outcomes 

With our Events module, our partners can input information on healthcare errors to help identify trends in their workplace and inform decisions when improving processes and procedures. Similarly, documenting excellence within Radar Healthcare is just as important – organisations benefit on knowing what goes right as well as what goes wrong.  

Having a centralised record of these events can support the allocation of resources and best practices to specific wards, rooms and at chosen times. Radar Healthcare’s reporting and analytics tools can then show the results of those improvements in real-time. 

Lower costs for both the patient and provider 

Clinical negligence is increasingly in the news due to the level of compensation claims being issued to the NHS after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is causing a huge financial issue and when these adverse incidents arise, return on investment is of high importance. Radar Healthcare is supporting organisations by transforming their use of multiple systems into using one consolidated, end-to-end solution, saving on costs and time spent training to use the various different applications. 

Furthermore, Radar Healthcare can be used as a tool to catch and identify risk, which in turn can inform where budgets need to be evaluated – e.g., maintenance budgets can be increased if data from Radar Healthcare suggests that renovations to rooms and fixtures are needed. 

Improved patient satisfaction 

Radar Healthcare is used to not only track issues, but to also organise and launch action plans. Lessons must be learned from negative incidents and events, and so our software has a dedicated feature to put steps in place when something goes wrong to rectify it. For instance, you can assign tasks to people and pass that knowledge on through all locations within your business – or not if it isn’t relevant to certain areas. 

When using Radar Healthcare’s Action Plans module, improvements can be monitored and analysed in real-time, improving patient experiences and with that patient satisfaction levels too. On top of compliments, we can integrate clients’ patient satisfaction surveys from their website into the Radar Healthcare system to keep all input in one handy space. 

An improved care provider experience 

With patient satisfaction, comes employee satisfaction! As well as negative incidents, Radar Healthcare can be used to also track positive moments such as compliments to staff, and new qualifications of employees. 

This positive reinforcement will encourage staff to work even more conscientiously, creating a cohesive atmosphere and better working processes for all involved. 

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