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Using Radar Healthcare to achieve your patient safety goals

07 June 2022

Use Radar Healthcare to ensure your patient safety goals are met

As part of their mission to improve healthcare across the globe, the Joint Commission International has identified six International Safety Goals to ensure accredited organisations can maintain levels of patient safety.

The goals vary in complexity and requirements, but what we do know is that using Radar Healthcare makes these ambitions attainable and helps to identify objectives to improve on time and time again.

1. Name your patient correctly

Identifying patients correctly not only eases their concerns about being in a stressful emotional space, but also helps their families settle too. Recording information on service users in Radar Healthcare means that multiple locations and services can access the same information through our integrated system.

2. Improve effective communication

When healthcare workers demonstrate good communication and collaboration to patients and service users, it positively enhances a potentially difficult time for them and affirms their confidence in your organisation.

Having the same data across your organisation will create a single source of truth, strengthening your department’s work and confidence.

Use Radar Healthcare to keep your teams updated on changes in their locations, staffing information and general discussion points to increase communication channels and encourage internal, cross-functional relationships that develop into cohesive and positive experiences for your service users. A happy workforce provides great services across the board, leading to an increased impression of your business within the market.

3. Improve the safety of high-alert medications

The World Health Organization estimates that medication errors cost $42 billion worldwide, with thousands of deaths being attributed to these mistakes. As horrible as these statistics are for both patients and staff, they can be reduced through digital methods and a strong patient safety focus.

When a medication error happens, teams can use Radar Healthcare to record, monitor and improve processes revolving around the event to mitigate these errors. We advise for our partners to follow these steps to position themselves in the best place to improve patient safety:

  1. Raise an event that documents the healthcare error with details such as patient details, staff that were present, what happened, where it happened, etc.
  2. Radar Healthcare triggers your specific policies and processes as part of your workflow setup. Our teams learn your system to understand how your teams operate, ensuring your processes and policies are fully realised within the system.
  3. As you reflect, lessons can be learned, and action plans can be set so your team improves on their services.

4. Ensure safe surgery

It takes a lot of work and energy into providing a safe environment for surgery, but the dangers are still there and we at Radar Healthcare ensure that you don’t need to sweat the small stuff when preparing for operations.

Not only can you store and recall policies and forms about clinical surgery on Radar Healthcare, but you can also perform audits to ensure those policies are present and correct.

The process of auditing can be long and confusing, but with Radar Healthcare, they can be done quickly, on your own terms and timeframe, and updated to reflect your organisation and regulatory bodies just as fast.

5. Reduce the risk of health care-associated infections

Similar to protecting patients and staff in surgery, Radar Healthcare’s innovative events module allows clinicians to record, monitor and improve on infection rates, like Avery Healthcare has done in their pilot scheme.

Having policies and documentation accessible in one centralised place ensures that everyone knows where to find that information and they can also be confident that the information is correct across all locations.

Tracking multiple events often relies on accuracy in high-pressured environments, engagement from busy staff, and the ability to link these events and spot trends in data. Through working with our partners, Radar Healthcare has been able to create a product that can be quickly updated with new events through multiple devices, which then identifies and highlights trends in our Analytics module for referencing in meetings and appraisals.

6. Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls

Radar Healthcare’s primary goal is to reduce the risk of avoidable harm by streamlining processes for staff and making it easier to learn from excellence, i.e., providing a space to log compliments and great work as well as complaints and errors.

Some events happen time and time again, but you can pinpoint where improvements can be made with Radar Healthcare. Linking fall incidents with commonalities like location, service user or cause to action plans will help all teams see how they can work towards improving their methods.

Learning lessons from experiences is an important part of the improvement process, and using Radar Healthcare’s events module makes this a more structured and reliable way to succeed in quality improvement, staff satisfaction, and patient safety.


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