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Is it time to change your risk management system provider?

21 December 2020


  • Primary Care

Is your risk management software contract running out soon? Now may be the time to consider what else is out there. In this blog, we cover what you should consider when selecting a different provider (and it isn’t all about the product)!  

4 things to consider when selecting a technology supplier 

When choosing your risk management system, it’s not only the system you’re selecting, but also the other aspects which come along with it: 

1 – The product: you need to choose a product that’s right for your organisation. The software should fit around your processes, not the other way round. Healthcare undergoes a wide range of changes and your system should be adaptable to meet these demands. Cloud-based systems offer many benefits including regular feature updates and rapid turnaround of requests.

2 – The supplier: you will be working closely with the supplier so it’s important to ensure they are responsive and dedicated to delivering you a first-class service. Having committed and expert account managers will be key to a successful partnership.

3 – Onboarding: changing systems shouldn’t be an onerous task so ensure your supplier can offer a smooth transition to minimise any disruptions.

4 – Ongoing support: look for a supplier which actively supports your organisation. Is your supplier supportive and engaged throughout the lifetime of the contract? Do you consider them just a technology supplier, or a partner too?  

If any of these points are missing by your current supplier, consider speaking to our expert team at Radar Healthcare to see how we can help.

Why Radar Healthcare is a great choice 

At Radar Healthcare, we meet all these 4 points and more, but let us prove it: 

1 – The product: our risk management software fits around your organisation and processes, strengthening rather than re-writing them. Our risk registers are fully configurable and bring all your complex processes into one easy to use system, enabling you to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to risk. This then helps enhance patient safety and your CQC ratings. Our product is also hosted on the cloud so you can be confident that you’re always using the latest version.

2 – The supplier: in 2021, we became the first supplier to be LFPSE-compliant, meaning that our cloud-based system is ready when Learning from Patient Safety Events services becomes mandatory in March 2023. What’s more is our customers rated us a Net Promoter Score of 38, placing us high when it comes to customer experience. Measuring on keywords, an overwhelming 95% of our customers used positive descriptions about using Radar Healthcare.

Radar Healthcare as a company are super responsive with any questions or changes

Joanne Howard, Director of Nursing and Quality at Malling Health

3 – Onboarding: we know that introducing a new software in a company can be daunting, and difficult to get everyone onboard. That’s why we help as much as we can, by training up your super users and providing you with any materials needed.

It’s changed the way we work, and we’ve had fantastic support from the Radar Healthcare team who are very personable and have provided helpful guidance and ongoing support.

Jo Lindley, Group Care Quality Director at Signature Senior Lifestyle

4 – Ongoing support: we’re always there for our customers. Working in partnership with you is the key to success and improved patient safety and we will support and advise you wherever needed. When COVID-19 hit, we even reached out to our current customers to offer help and support with customised COVID incident forms and more. 

We couldn’t have faulted anything Radar Healthcare did, they were perfect

Adam Paver-Merrison, Safeguarding and Data Protection Lead at Walsingham Support

Working with you in partnership 

We truly believe that when starting out with new customers, we’re working with you, not handing over software and walking away. We listen to feedback from our customers and encourage it with our ideas forum. This way we ensure we’re always providing you with what you need through an ever-evolving product. 

Challenge your current system and if it’s not up to scratch, join Radar Healthcare. Somerset NHS Foundation Trust did just this, and now encourage others to do the same.

It’s easy to remain with your current systems, adapting your processes to fit your software; we’ve not had to do this thanks to Radar Healthcare’s flexibility

Paula Wiggins - Governance Systems Manager at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Radar Healthcare’s risk management system could be the answer you’re looking for

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