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Chloe Weatherhead makes the front cover of Care Home Professional

21 October 2022


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Chloe Weatherhead on CHP

Our Head of Customer Experience, Chloe Weatherhead, has shared with Care Home Professional why Radar Healthcare felt passionate about sponsoring the 2022 Leaders in Care Awards. The Q&A also covers how we support care homes, as well as Chloe voicing some very serious, but topical, concerns within the industry.

Congratulations on winning Leaders in Care Business Services at the event. Any comments?

“Firstly, a huge congratulations to all of the nominees and to those that were shortlisted. The demonstration of outstanding work within the Care industry is clearer than ever and we just want to say thank you for everything you all do. This is a very special industry to be part of and we’re excited to celebrate the passion you all bring to your work every day.

And of course, we are ecstatic to have won the Leaders in Care Business Services award! Our team works exceptionally hard and this is a testament to that.”

This is your second year of sponsoring the Leaders in Care Awards. What inspired you to do this?

“The passion and dedication we see from care professionals across Health and Social Care daily are just incredible. As Head of Customer Experience at Radar Healthcare, I often see and hear how invested people are in the work they do, and to be able to highlight and celebrate this for a second year is something we’re really proud of.”

Why is it important to have an event like this?

“These awards give us the rare opportunity to celebrate care professionals who are making a positive difference to those around them. Often, they go above and beyond what is expected and that’s alongside the day-to-day challenges and pressure they are under. It’s so important to us to recognise the dedication and successes that are not always acknowledged.”

What differentiates Radar Healthcare from other digital software providers?

“We’re here to make a real difference in Health and Social Care. Committed to true partnership, our software is designed to help you learn and ensure you can provide the highest quality of care to your residents. Honest and open relationships with our partners and working together ensures that both their requirements and aspirations are not only met but exceeded. The flexibility of our software allows this to be a focus, so we treat every one of our partners as an individual rather than with a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Currently, the workforce crisis in the sector is significant. How are you helping care providers tackle this?

“Employee morale can be linked to both productivity and staff turnover. If an employee says they have received recognition or praise for doing good work in the last week, there is a 10-20% difference in revenue and productivity. Employees who are not adequately recognised at work are three times as likely to say they plan to quit in the next year (Gallup survey).

One of our partners found that by streamlining the compliments logging process, the number of compliments logged rose from 9 per year to 1,500 per year. This engagement from service users had a hugely positive effect on morale and encouraged teams to strive for better performance.”

As energy prices soar, care providers are facing immense cost pressures. How do you help providers save money?

“Workforce capacity is often the main contributor to cost pressures. This is where our software can help to ease the burden by reducing admin time whilst giving a holistic view of operational performance across single or multiple locations.

Culture can also impact costs. When engaged, satisfied, and listened to, staff are happier which can result in higher productivity, fewer mistakes, and lower turnover. Radar Healthcare encourages two-way feedback to create a positive culture around incident recording and logging feedback.

There’s also the advantage of having one single system to manage your risk and compliance – with incident recording, audit management, analytics, and workforce compliance just to name a few, you no longer need multiple systems in place, which can save you money on licence fees (one of our partners noted a 65% saving when moving to Radar Healthcare as they replaced three systems with one).”

What’s next? Is there anything exciting coming up in the near future for Radar Healthcare?

“In December we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary, which is an extremely exciting milestone. This year has seen the launch of our podcast What the HealthTech?, a significant expansion in our team, and us partnering with some of the biggest care providers in the UK, all of which we’re incredibly proud of.

Our commitment to helping to deliver better healthcare outcomes has been there since day one and we’re only just getting started. The culture and environment that empowers our staff to provide the best service to customers results in a tangible impact on customer experience. True partnership working is at the forefront of our approach to help Health and Social Care providers to make a real difference, now and in the future.”

The full article is available on Care Home Professional, read here.  

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