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Meet our new VP, Sales, and Business Development (US), Glenn Blatz

29 August 2023


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Glenn Blatz, VP, Sales and Business Welcome to our employee Q&A series, where we turn the spotlight on the incredible individuals who make our company thrive. We pride ourselves on supporting a range of health and social care organizations and services across the globe, but how much do you know about the people behind our product?  

In this edition, we have the privilege of introducing you to Glenn Blatz, who has recently been appointed as our VP, Sales, and Business Development (US) to head up our operations over in the US.  

Hailing from the picturesque state of North Carolina, Glenn brings a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in the health and health tech sectors – and we are extremely thrilled to have him on board!  

This new role follows our expansion into North America, with New Hampshire care home provider, Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services and Washington-based Kinwell Health recently being announced as our latest stateside contract wins. 

Join us as we pull back the curtain and embark on everything from Glenn’s journey so far, the future of healthcare, and more…  

Hi Glenn! Firstly, welcome to the team. Please tell us about yourself and introduce your new role at Radar Healthcare.  

Sure. I am based in North Carolina in the US. I come from a long background of working with a wide spectrum of healthcare organizations and services, from Health Systems to Ambulatory Surgery Centers, to Senior Living and Behavioral Health. As well as working in senior positions with established brands like GE Medical, Johnson & Johnson, and B. Braun Medical, I have had the pleasure of working alongside start-up innovators.  

And that leads me on nicely to my new role at Radar Healthcare, Vice President for Sales and Business Development in the US.  

Radar Healthcare’s platform has already been well received in the US. My aim is to further build on that success. It’s an outstanding product that helps meet the complex needs of all organisations across the entire US continuum of care – and I’m delighted to join the Radar Healthcare team as they start this new chapter in the US. 

What excites you the most about your role at Radar Healthcare?  

Initially, I was drawn to Radar Healthcare because of its powerful, comprehensive, and innovative product offering and its commitment to bettering patient safety. After visiting the UK a few weeks ago and having the chance to connect with a number of the team, I am really excited about working for a company that not only offers an incredible product but has nurtured such a positive culture and has an enthusiastic and passionate team.   

The narrative of Radar Healthcare’s leadership team is nothing short of inspiring. At the heart of this remarkable narrative is Paul Jonhson, CEO, and Lee Williams, COO, who co-founded the organization over a decade ago – forever altering the landscape of the UK’s health and social care sector. As the organization expands internationally, the prospect of playing a pivotal role in advancing the success of the company over in the US fills me with a great sense of pride and ambition. 

How do you think Radar Healthcare can help healthcare organizations within the US and beyond?   

Technology is becoming a core part of healthcare organisation’s strategies. Platforms such as Radar Healthcare help seamlessly turn the vast amount of health data into valuable insights, not only enhancing patient safety but also shifting the focus towards predictive rather than reactive care delivery. 

Indeed, the industry faces numerous challenges, and compliance is a significant issue globally. This is where technology steps in as a valuable tool. By leveraging technology, like Radar Healthcare, healthcare organisations can transform their data from a burden on their workforce into a meaningful resource that drives quality improvement. Furthermore, leveraging that quality data to support Value Based Care initiatives. 

What does the future of health tech look like in the US?   

As the world becomes more digitally inclined, the future of healthcare has many exciting possibilities powered by technology and data. From a technological perspective, I think we will continue to see the rise of AI, machine learning, data-driven events, and so on, to utilise data insights in more innovative ways – particularly in ways when it comes to engaging patients and providing patient-centred care.  

In the US and globally, tech offers a huge opportunity for organisations to transition away from a reactive model to becoming much more proactive in their approach. This in itself will be a big step forward and will hugely help clinical teams to make impactful decisions at the right time.   

When we think about a digitally forward industry, we need to consider individual needs and circumstances. Now that there is enough software and research out there to assess patients’ needs, wants, and welfare, we should be one step closer to bridging the health equity gap we are currently facing across the industry.  

It is certainly an exciting time to be in the health tech space. There is still a long way to go and many hurdles to overcome, but by embracing technology and data healthcare organizations can transform their processes, drive efficiency, and improve care quality.  

Finally, outside of work, what are your interests?  

Outside of the office, I am an avid cyclist and bike racer. I love embracing the thrill of the open road. Off the track, I enjoy diving into literature; historical fiction and non-fiction, particularly drawn to the narratives of WWI and the American Revolution.  

I also love spending sunny days at the beach, relaxing with my family. Although it is extremely hot in North Carolina at the moment, visiting the UK was a refreshing change from the heat! 

Paul Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of Radar Healthcare comments:

“We’re delighted to welcome Glenn to the rapidly growing Radar Healthcare team, his experience of the US healthcare sector, its priorities, and the pressures it faces is second to none. 

“When we founded Radar Healthcare more than ten years ago our aim was to deliver technology that could improve how health organisations work and ultimately enable greater patient safety. I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve been able to achieve here in the UK and I’m excited to see the impact we’ll make in the US now Glenn is part of the team.” 

Learn more about Radar Healthcare in the US here!

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