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Lifeways Group are Transforming Health and Safety with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) with the help of Radar Healthcare

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Complaints, claims and litigation

Our software is built to underpin any process, while linking this with improvement plans.

Utilising a role based system, you can be sure that any reported complaints, compliments or claims will be immediately assigned to your Claims, Complaints Manager or appropriate role for action.

All of your processes are linked to improvement plans, meaning you can keep on top of and evidence what is being done post claim. This helps you to stop it happening again.

State of the art analytics dashboards including AI and machine learning ensures data analysis, reporting and actions based on data are also automated.

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Radar Healthcare's Incident Management System


  • Improve quality and safety of care

  • Easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards

  • Create a standardised way of working

  • Automate processes and remove paper-based systems

Key features

  • Customisable and easy to use software

    From assessments, body maps, service user lookups and more, we give you the tools you need to be able to create context-aware forms to capture your incidents and events. Plus, with our mobile friendly and responsive platform you can report the incident wherever it happens with complete ease.

  • Interoperable

    Integrate Radar Healthcare into other business systems required, so when an incident is reported, the system can automatically notify your other software, or vice versa; if something occurs elsewhere, it’ll automatically create an incident to be managed.

  • Automatic notifications to keep you on track of deadlines

    All of your incidents are linked to our AI and machine learning tools, meaning you’ll automatically be notified when things aren’t quite right. You can also track trends, set your own KPIs and keep on top of any incidents occuring across any location, even when you’re not logged into the system.

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