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Season 1: EP041: Enhancing audits for all, with Mark Fewster

19 January 2023


  • Care Providers
  • Healthtech
  • Residential Care
  • Season One

Enhancing Audits in HealthTech: A Deep Dive with Chief Product Officer, Mark Fewster

Our very own Corinna Plant and Mark Fewster are back on ‘What the HealthTech’ to talk about our new enhanced Audits module. Mark has been at the helm of this project since its fruition, and Corinna has sat him down to get the low-down on what’s new, what’s improved and what’s to come in the new releases.

On this episode of What the HealthTech, host Corrina Plant sits down with Radar Healthcare’s Chief Product Officer, Mark Fewster, to discuss the exciting enhancements to the Audits module.

Mark, who has been deeply involved in the project alongside the development and product teams, shares insights into the inspiration behind the upgrades, driven by customer demands and the need to ensure Radar Healthcare remains competitive in the market.

The conversation delves into the collaborative approach with partners in shaping the product roadmap and the iterative process of refining features based on customer feedback and market research.

Mark explains the vision behind the enhanced audits module, emphasising the importance of flexibility in question types and robust analytics capabilities. He highlights the significance of building workflows and connecting audit results to actionable insights.

The development process involves extensive research, workshops with customers, and iterative design iterations, with a focus on embracing newer technologies like API-driven architecture and progressive web apps.

The episode concludes with a discussion on the ongoing beta testing and future plans for Radar Healthcare, including further enhancements to modules and integration with NHS-specific requirements like LFPSE. Throughout this podcast, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the meticulous planning and execution involved in delivering innovative solutions in the healthcare technology landscape.

Watch the podcast interview with Corrina and Mark 

Topics covered:

  • Enhancement of Radar Healthcare's audits module
  • Customer-driven product development and collaborative approach
  • Importance of flexibility and analytics capabilities in auditing software
  • Adoption of newer technologies like API-driven architecture and progressive web apps

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