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Case Study: Porthaven

About Porthaven

Porthaven is an independent, care home company building and operating market leading care homes which are run professionally, responsibly and most importantly, with integrity and care.

Each one of its 16 homes offers residential, nursing and dementia care provided by a large team of well-trained and qualified people profoundly concerned with every single resident’s welfare and
happiness supporting Porthaven’s vision of being the first choice provider for outstanding care in care homes.


Why did Porthaven choose Radar Healthcare?

At the time, a paper-based compliance system was in place and it was a huge challenge to gain an overview of the care provision across the Porthaven portfolio.

Even more of a challenge was being able to evidence compliance to the regulators, as paper-based data was difficult to analyse, identify trends and understand lessons learned – a situation, that without an intervention, would only deteriorate as the organisation grew.

When the management team at Porthaven was considering a better way to deal with these regulatory compliance challenges, a trusted associate recommended Radar Healthcare.

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How was Radar Healthcare implemented?

The team at Radar Healthcare worked closely with Porthaven to implement the software, working through the requirements across the portfolio of care homes and understanding where it could deliver the most impact.

Through identification of the specific challenges Porthaven was experiencing with its paper-based system, Radar Healthcare was configured to automate much of the laborious, mandatory activity that is necessary to run a good care facility but often takes up precious time that could be used caring for residents.

The best thing about working with Radar Healthcare is the support staff - they have so much patience and are always the end of the phone. This is certainly not our experience with other software companies so is definitely a great selling point.

Pauline Cichy

How has Radar Healthcare supported Porthaven Care Homes with quality improvement and compliance?

  1. Care provision and compliance can now be easily monitored at both a location and organisational level
  2. Improved visibility for issues, enabling the management team to take a proactive, risk-based approach, establishing far more quickly where issues may develop
  3. Consolidation of audits and the ability to easily involve managers in the creation and amendment of audit practice
  4. Central document repository ensures that policies and procedures are kept up to date and shared with the relevant people at the touch of a button
  5. Improved CQC ratings through the provision of high-quality evidence and reports
  6. Significant reduction in the use of paper

Implementing Radar Healthcare has shown us just how much better life is with automated processes and procedures. Radar Healthcare doesn’t just support us with day to day challenges, it helps us be more effective and ultimately deliver better care, evidenced by our improved Good and Outstanding CQC ratings since we introduced the system.

Pauline Cichy

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CQC inspection outcomes

Radar Healthcare functions CQC inspection comment*
Incident management “Incidents were recorded on a new software system and were reviewed by the registered manager and the regional director before being closed. They could reflect on and review the quality of the actions and the findings were fed down to the staff group. Different actions included referrals to health and social care professionals, additional staff training and changes to people’s care plans. The registered manager told us, “This system is more focussed and sophisticated.””
Risk management “The home had a new software system to monitor that people had been ‘seen’ throughout the day. These were in place for people where risks had been assessed. The ‘sighting chart’ was recorded at regular intervals and was in the form of an unobtrusive visual check that the person was safe and well.”
Audit management “There were several layers of checks in place for reviewing auditing and monitoring of the quality of the service and documentation. Senior management could access systems remotely to review information and carry out quality and monitoring checks.”
Workforce compliance “The matrix confirmed that staff training was 98% complete. The software system sent an alert to the training manager when training was due so they could plan it into the staff members rota. This meant that people were supported by staff who had the skills and knowledge to meet their needs.”
Document management “Staff felt that changing to an electronic care planning and record keeping system had led to improvements in the quality of documentation. Their comments included, “It is so much more organised. I love the new systems, I can find everything I need”, “Everything is easier, I know where to find things now” and “They are tidier and you can see at a glance what is going on, you can look back on the days before easily, it is really handy.”

* Taken from a CQC inspection report published August 2019.

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