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Partnership News

Our partnership with LivingCare Group

LivingCare Group goes live with Radar Healthcare

Livingcare Group LogoLivingCare Group, a leading healthcare services provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Radar Healthcare to enhance the quality and safety of healthcare delivery for their patients.

LivingCare Group, comprising five sites across Yorkshire, is widely recognised for tailoring NHS care services to local health needs. The group has built a solid reputation for excellence in the healthcare industry.

"Patient safety and quality of healthcare are paramount to the LivingCare Group. We needed a solution that could meet the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and Learning From Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) standards, and Radar Healthcare provided the perfect solution.”

Sarah Williams, Director of Patient Safety, LivingCare Group

LivingCare Group Logo

Radar Healthcare’s LFPSE-Compliant solution for LivingCare Group

As the first LFPSE-compliant supplier approved by NHS England, Radar Healthcare delivers a flexible system enabling LivingCare Group to manage all patient safety incidents seamlessly. This promotes consistency, eliminates duplication of work, and empowers teams to effectively track outstanding tasks, action plans, and workflows, thereby saving valuable time.

Moreover, Radar Healthcare’s comprehensive analytics dashboard provides LivingCare Group with complete oversight. This enables them to gain valuable insights into their healthcare delivery operations. By leveraging advanced learning capabilities, LivingCare Group can analyse LFPSE data and implement proactive measures to continually enhance the standard of patient care delivery.

Radar Healthcare Dashboard

“The partnership with LivingCare Group is another indication of our commitment to excellence in quality and safety in healthcare. We are very pleased to be working with Helen White, Sarah Williams and the rest of the team.”

Rhian Bulmer, Chief Partnerships Officer, Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare logo

Revolutionising care with partnership

At Radar Healthcare, our partnership-led approach is evident in our long-standing relationships with industry-leading organisations and individuals. By placing the customer as an equal stakeholder in our business, we ensure that all voices are heard. “I’m proud to work for an organisation that truly lives and breathes partnership working. Our world-class technology has real-world impacts, especially in improving quality outcomes and patient safety.” Molly Kent, Strategic Sales Lead, Radar Healthcare.

"The support we received from the team during the tender process was exceptional. We were impressed with the efficiency of the process, particularly with the assistance provided by Molly Kent, their Strategic Sales Lead. While we considered other options, we ultimately selected Radar Healthcare because of their professionalism, collaboration, and dedication to supporting their customers. We are extremely pleased with the after-sales support and their continued partnership in helping us maintain the highest level of patient safety and quality."

Sarah Williams, Director of Patient Safety, LivingCare Group

The partnership between LivingCare Group and Radar Healthcare signifies a commitment to meeting the evolving healthcare needs while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety. LivingCare Group looks forward to the continued success of this collaboration.

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