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NHS Risk Management Software

Looking for a risk management system focused on learning and improvement, which is also LFPSE compliant?

Radar Healthcare’s patient safety software for the NHS is an integrated risk management system that aims to improve national patient safety for NHS foundation trusts and other health and care organisations.

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    Reducing risk

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Reduce your risk and start improving patient outcomes:

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    Take your risk management up a level

    Tired of balancing multiple risk registers? Remove the frustration with Radar Healthcare, where you can create one central risk register that meets all of your requirements for clinical risk management. Our analytics module means it’s easy to keep track of any changes and report on improvements.

    No need to worry about changing processes to fit a new software, Radar Healthcare’s risk register is customisable so you can fit it to your needs. Additionally, your risks won’t be siloed, you can link them to any relevant incidents, improvement plans, complaints and more, building a full picture of your compliance management.


    Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE) service

    We’re proud to be the first software that’s fully compliant with LFPSE, along with the first to launch live, which was with Milton Keynes University Hospital Foundation Trust.

    Radar Healthcare is fully cloud-based and LFPSE compliant:

    • Our software automatically updates its standardised LFPSE forms to match the latest version
    • The submission of reportable events are automatically managed
    • No need for overheads related to mapping and manual maintenance
    • Event types can be set as reportable to LFPSE
    • If you provide NHS services at specific locations, you can set these locations as reportable to LFPSE
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    Key benefits

    Radar Healthcare is different to other providers. We don’t expect you to adapt your processes to use our software, instead you can adapt the software to fit around your requirements.

    Focus on driving improvements in your organisation with a dedicated Customer Success Manager by your side. They will understand your objectives and needs, and help you drive towards these.

    • Adapts to you, providing full support
    • Helps reduce claims and litigation
    • Share learnings across teams to improve patient outcomes
    • LFPSE compliant software
    • Be ready for regulatory inspection
    • Links all product modules in one place, including events and incidents, audits, risk, action plans and more
    • Only buy the product modules you need

    "Putting a risk management system to tender made us realise what technology is available out there beyond the usual two providers."

    Stephen Thomson, Associate Director of Integrated Governance at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Why Radar Healthcare?

    When choosing your NHS risk management software, it’s not only the system you’re selecting, but also the other aspects which come along with it. We truly believe that when starting out with new customers, we’re working with you, not handing over software and walking away.

    1. The product: our risk management software fits around your organisation and processes, strengthening rather than re-writing them. Fully configurable risk registers mean that all your complex processes are brought into one intelligent system. No more only reacting to risk, it’s time to get proactive as well to drive improvements in patient outcomes.
    2. The supplier: our customers rated us a Net Promoter Score of 38, placing us above average in our industry (30) when it comes to customer experience. An overwhelming 98% said Radar Healthcare were responsive when they contacted our support team. Is your current provider this engaged?
    3. Onboarding: we know that introducing new software in a company can be daunting, and difficult to get everyone on board. That’s why we help as much as we can, by training up your super users and providing you with any materials needed.
    4. Ongoing support: we’re always there for our customers. Working in partnership with you is the key to success and improved safety and we will support and advise you wherever needed.

    Challenge your current system and if it’s not up to scratch, consider Radar Healthcare.