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The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare

20 January 2022


  • Healthtech

graphic depicting artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more a part of everyday life, for example in our devices with speech recognition. However, one of the most exciting industries that AI is becoming more prevalent is healthcare, and the impact it could make is tremendous. We look at how AI is helping in healthcare, with a focus on cutting edge data science.


AI solutions in healthcare

In healthcare, AI involves natural language processing, image analysis and machine learning. The healthcare industry in both the UK and beyond are increasingly using artificial intelligence to essentially do what humans do, but quicker, cheaper and with greater efficiency. 

Collecting and analysing data sets, AI can help improve healthcare operations such as predicting the risk of hospital admission, or sending alerts and kick starting action plans when infection rates rise in specific locations. Using healthcare data like this, organisations can cut out any manual analysing of data and get straight to the important bits, helping patients.

The most important thing about data management is what you do with it. Real-time data is useful for decision making, so that timely resolutions can be made, ensuring that the quality of healthcare provided doesn’t suffer. 

Another area that artificial intelligence is being seen more is with the Internet of Things (IoT) where consumer health apps are already helping people, for example encouraging healthier behaviours in day-to-day life.


How can healthcare organisations like yours use AI?

Are you managing your quality, compliance and risk through paper based methods or excel, or a legacy system which isn’t up to scratch?

Radar healthcare uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver business intelligence on your data. It will spot trends in your data and ensure that actions are taken to help maintain patient safety. 


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