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Artificial Intelligence in the NHS

24 January 2022


  • Healthtech

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As part of the NHS’ Long Term Plan, the NHS wants digitally enabled care to go mainstream across the NHS trusts. Technology opens up new opportunities for prevention, care and treatment, such as improving care for premature babies, and driving genomic testing to aid in diagnosis. 


Driving digital transformation in the NHS

It’s known that digital transformation, if used correctly, can improve outcomes of health services as well as improve patient safety. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of this, and healthcare professionals are increasingly seeing the potential of AI in helping their day-to-day working lives.

One of the main practical priorities that the NHS is focusing on is to use decision support and AI technology to help clinicians apply best practice, remove unnecessary variation across the care journey, and support patients in managing their health. Modern AI systems will capture data through all areas of care, which can be analysed to help healthcare professionals in their work. This reduces any administrative burden which takes time away from providing care.


Examples of AI in the NHS

When we think of AI, we often fall into the trap of imagining complicated tech which powers robotics. A specific example is Google DeepMind using AI to automatically identify serious eye conditions within seconds, prioritising which patients should be treated first.

However, the use of AI in the NHS is also in areas that we may not see as patients, but that really help the healthcare professionals behind the scenes. This is down to machine learning and digesting data sets which help to drive informed decisions, ultimately leading to improved patient care and saving lives.

Radar Healthcare is an award-winning system which uses AI and machine learning to help improve the quality in all types of care settings, including health and social care. It can recognise patterns or anomalies in your healthcare organisation’s data, and trigger action plans and tasks off the back of these so no manual intervention is needed, and delays are avoided.

Many NHS Trusts are already using Radar Healthcare, including Somerset NHS FT, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust. Joining them starts with booking a demo to see how we can help.


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