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Supporting healthcare through COVID

11 November 2020


  • Primary Care

COVID has unfortunately stayed around for a lot longer than any of us anticipated, but the healthcare industry is turning more and more to technology and remote working to support their fight against it. In this blog, we’ll be covering how at Radar Healthcare we’re supporting our customers during one of the biggest challenges they’ve ever faced. 

How we’re already supporting our customers through COVID

  • Ensure your team have the latest COVID information – send notices to your team to inform them of new information or actions which need to be looked at. You can track who has read these notices, and encourage your staff that Radar Healthcare is the most reliable place to access up to date COVID information. 
  • Your source of truth – use Radar Healthcare’s document management feature as a reliable source for the latest COVID policies and documentation. 
  • Ensure COVID checks and training are up to date – track COVID testing for staff with the workforce compliance module and set up automatic re-occurring actions for checks for example weekly or monthly. Ensure staff training around COVID awareness is up to date. 
  • Track COVID instances – Radar Healthcare’s event and incident tracking allows you to set up a customised COVID event form and workflow to track infections and tag key details like staffing concerns. 
  • Monitor multiple areas in one place – PPE audits, risk assessments, weekly checklists, contingency plans and more, use Radar Healthcare’s audits module to keep on top of it all. 

What our customers are saying

Radar Healthcare streamlined our process to be responsive and enabled us as an organisation to deliver operations safely and effectively

Adam Paver-Merrison, Safeguarding and Data Protection Lead at Walsingham Support

We had to make sure everyone had the right information they needed, and there was only one way we were going to do that; Radar Healthcare

Joanne Howard, Director of Nursing and Quality at Malling Health

Radar Healthcare has revolutionised how we can monitor the quality of our services through auditing. It’s made life easier for our homes by having all policies in one place.

Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead at Advinia

Advinia logo

Getting set up and working remotely

World turns to remote working

Whatever digital stage you may be at, whether you’re still using pen and paper or spreadsheets, Radar Healthcare can help you. We can work with you remotely every step of the way, from showing you a live demo of our system in action, to onboarding, training, going live and everything in-between. It may be quicker than you think to get set up, meaning you can start using Radar Healthcare before the thick of the second wave of COVID really hits. There’s no need to wait until we can all be in the same room again before you can go digital and start improving your care outcomes. 

Read more of our customer case studies to see the different methods they have used Radar Healthcare for to cope with the fight against the coronavirus. 

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