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Your onboarding journey with Radar Healthcare

23 September 2021


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We recently introduced you to our projects team, and now we want to show you how they make the transition to Radar Healthcare as smooth as possible.  


You will have a dedicated Project Manager who will be with you every step through the implementation of Radar Healthcare into your organisation. We are proud to say that our customer service is rated very highly which is shown by our ‘great’ NPS score. If you have any questions during the onboarding process, your Project Manager will be more than happy to help as we want you to get the most out of our software.  


Project kick off begins with discussions about your main aims and objectives – what do you really want to see Radar Healthcare help you achieve? Your Project Manager will then understand the best way to carry out the implementation to ensure your KPIs can be reached. They will run through an implementation plan with you so that you know everything that’s going on and what is required of both us and your organisation. Along with this, we will plan training, testing and finally the launch of Radar Healthcare. 


We believe in flexibility when it comes to not only our software, but also the implementation. Our adaptive implementation approach means that you can choose a model which best fits your organisation. 


There are two different options, Big Bang or Staggered. If you’re unsure which would be best for you, our team are always more than happy to advise. 


Big Bang Implementation  


Our big bang approach involves training and implementation for all modules at once, which will then all go live across all of your sites on the same date. The training is intense but fast so that you can see the benefits of all areas of Radar Healthcare from the beginning.


Staggered Implementation  


Our staggered implementation involves going live with each individual module one at a time. For example, you may go live with a new service each week. This method is popular because change in an organisation can be daunting, but this approach allows staff to be introduced in bitesize chunks. 


Whichever method you choose, the end goal is to be live after around 12 weeks. 

Next, we will be introducing you to our Customer Success Team. They work with you to ensure you are confident in achieving your Radar Healthcare goals.  

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