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Radar Healthcare achieve another great NPS score

18 August 2021


  • Company updates

We’re proud to reveal that our latest NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 38, meaning Radar Healthcare is rated as ‘great’.  


What is the Net Promoter Score? 

The Net Promoter Score is worked out by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters. A score between –100 and +100 is generated. 

An NPS score below 0 indicates a business has lots of issues to address, a score between 0-30 is good but shows that there is still room for progress. A score of over 30 shows that a business is performing great and has far more happy customers than unhappy ones. 

The benchmark average NPS score for our industry is 30, so we’re thrilled to be sitting comfortably above this at 38.  


Driving real world change 

In the survey, we asked our customers ‘To what degree has your quality and compliance improved as a result of implementing Radar Healthcare in your organisation?’. This was scored on a scale of –100 (worsened) to +100 (improved) and the average score received was impressive at 64. What’s more, we can see that we’ve managed to drive real world change to how our customers manage their quality and compliance even when they’ve been with us for less than a year. 


A cloud of positivity

We asked our customers ‘How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns about our product? (i.e., support and additional training).’ An overwhelming 98% said that we were responsive. We received positive comments like: 

“Really responsive service. Nothing is too much trouble.” 

“Your customer support is what sets you apart from other competitors in my opinion. Having a dedicated project manager is extremely useful for knowing our setup in detail and to discuss challenges in the business where Radar Healthcare could help.” 

“Good account manager who works with us. Radar Healthcare has improved visibility across the whole organisation and it’s been incredibly useful for us to monitor and understand compliance.” 

When presented with a selection of words to describe our services, 93% answered positively. The top chosen word was ‘useful’ at 24%. When any negative words are chosen, we always see how we can improve as we’re keen to keep moving our software forwards by delivering what our customers need. 


Our customers’ favourites 


Of all the many features and modules of Radar Healthcare, event management came up top. Second was the form editor, followed by document management.  


What our customers say we’re doing well 


“Pushing the system forward with new developments and including users within this process to drive changes based on their experiences and needs.” 


“Great system for audits, document management, notices and event reporting. The PDFs look professional too. I like the fact we can build workflow steps to suit our interpretation of compliance. Overall, I am really pleased we chose Radar Healthcare, we continuously refine how we use the system and as a system it allows us to do this. It is fabulous!” 


“Great team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Very responsive and accommodating.” 


“Really responsive service. Nothing is too much trouble. Using Radar Healthcare has enabled us to keep in touch with all of our staff during the past 12 months. Having everything at my fingertips wherever I am in the country. Radar Healthcare has made us compliant with the CQC and our own internal assurance mechanisms.” 

Moving forwards 


Feedback is invaluable as it allows us to continuously develop Radar Healthcare for our customers. For example, our product quality score is now higher thanks to feedback which drove us to improve our user interface. So that our score remains impressively high, we will continue to evolve Radar Healthcare with the needs of our customers. 

Take a look at our full infographic.

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