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Minimising COVID clinical negligence in your organisation

17 November 2021

This week, the NHS Resolution team announced that it was looking to receive over £665m worth of compensation claims because of negligence involving COVID-19 care. Understanding where these errors took place and how we can learn from these events has never been more important. 

Adding litigation charges to the bill brings the figure to over £800m, an astonishing amount of money for any business. Some of these cases will be connected indirectly to COVID-19 and may not be successful. But we cannot be complacent with the issue at hand: people have been failed through healthcare errors and this shouldn’t be happening at this level. 

Finding preventative solutions

With Radar Healthcare, organisations can keep track of errors that they experience, which can inform their decisions when creating solutions. 

Referring to our infographic, “The Rising Cost of Clinical Negligence Claims”, you can see that our preventative solutions are a fraction of the cost that it would be to compensate due to a healthcare error – a cost in both financial terms as well as to an organisation’s reputation. 

Evidence has shown that 15% of all hospital expenditure and activity in most OECD countries can be attributed to treating safety failures. We can improve on these figures, and we will.  

Logging past events to learn for the future 

Explanations for the incidents have been issued, such as employees being redeployed to unfamiliar areas of the business. With Radar Healthcare, you can see both oversight of your organisation as a whole as well as each area, so that if anything goes wrong you can spot it quickly and put action plans in place. 

We won’t know the final cost of COVID-19 for years but using Radar Healthcare will help to ensure your organisation positions themself safely, and in turn keep your patients safe too. 

Supporting your organisation and your patients 

It will be difficult for the NHS to work through this incident, but lessons must be learned so patient safety can be improved, and errors can be mitigated. 

Radar Healthcare is created with both patient and organisation in mind, combining comprehensive data collection and simple user design to make quality assurance and risk management easily navigable and quick to show results when time is of the essence. 

Are you looking to minimise clinical negligence of any kind in your organisation?

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