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28 October 2020


  • Primary Care

We know that in healthcare, a lot of the technology is outdated and if you’re using one of these, you may not have even realised it, it’s easy to stick with what you know. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a world of modern technology out there which can give you so much more for your money, you may be surprised at just what you can get. 


Ask yourself these three questions…

  1. Have you seen a reduction in patient safety claims with your current system?
  2. Are you confident that your staff report every single incident and it’s easy for them to do?
  3. If we asked you right now, would you be able to easily see that you’ve acted and made improvements? Can you see the impact of those changes?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, or you aren’t surelet us help

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The key to improving patient safety

Patient Safety Circle

Your patient safety software should make it simple to report incidents, gather feedback and support a culture of learning and continuous improvement. But how does it do this? 

Modern technology should: 

  • Be capable of connecting all your patient safety processes together 
  • Link all improvement plans off the back of an incident by assigning actions to all the relevant people 
  • Create a culture of accountability and responsibility, meaning that nothing is overlooked  
  • Pull all relevant evidence easily and provide full visibility of your current performance  
  • Be customised to your organisation’s processes and procedures – you shouldn’t have to change to fit technology, it should fit to you! 
  • Spot trends in data and alert you when something may be wrong  

If your technology is capable and used correctly, you should start to see significant improvements in patient safety and experience. 

Does your technology miss anything?

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Radar Healthcare is the future of care

Our customers realised how much more they could get for their money after booking a demo of our software, and therefore moved over from their dated technology. Here are a couple of examples: 

  • Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Watch our webinar with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust covering the challenges when Trusts merge, and how Radar Healthcare’s technology delivers against these.

  • London Central and West

    One of the main reasons LCW chose to transition to Radar Healthcare was the ability to streamline different business processes, as well as collating evidence in one centralised place.

    “You can build something far more intelligent and personalised with Radar Healthcare”

Ready to enter the world of modern tech?

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