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From partner to employee: Q&A with Craig Rainford

01 June 2022


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Radar Healthcare prides itself on providing the best solutions for healthcare organisations, but how much do you know about our team?

We recently welcomed Craig Rainford as our new Project Manager. However, funnily enough, Craig is not that new to Radar Healthcare. He previously worked as the Operations Systems Manager for one of our partners, Four Seasons, for 20 years!

After seeing our service and product in action, Craig jumped at the chance of working for Radar Healthcare – and of course, we were more than ecstatic to have him come on board. Craig’s well-rounded experience of using our software and being on the receiving end of our customer service means that his knowledge, especially from a customer-facing side, will be extremely beneficial to our Customer Success team and the evolution of our service.

Let’s jump right in and get to know Craig a little better!

Craig Rainford, Project ManagerCraig, could you please introduce yourself and your role at Radar Healthcare?

Sure, my name is Craig Rainford and I recently joined Radar Healthcare working in the Customer Success Team as a Project Manager.

You were previously the Operations Systems Manager for one of our partners, Four Seasons Health Care Group. What was the reason you decided to join our team?

That’s right, my last role at Four Seasons Health Care Group before joining Radar Healthcare was Operations Systems Manager which involved managing all of the Operations-based systems used within the organisation including Radar Healthcare itself.

Having worked for Four Seasons Health Care Group for 20 years in a variety of different roles I have become very passionate about working in such a challenging but ever so rewarding health and social care sector. It’s a sector I’m incredibly proud and privileged to have worked in for so long and I’m thankful to Four Seasons Health Care Group for helping me to learn and gain so much experience during my 20-year journey with them.

I listened to a talk recently by a senior figure in this sector who spoke passionately about how people in the health and social care sector don’t work in the sector because it’s their job, they work in the sector because it’s their vocation – this resonated with how I feel towards the sector completely.

I decided to join Radar Healthcare because I’ve been fortunate enough to not only work with the fantastic team(s) behind the product but also witness firsthand the incredible impact it can have on an organisation by saving valuable time and providing deeper insights into the activity that goes on day to day through digitising it those processes. When I was offered the chance to be part of Radar Healthcare and help other organisations deliver better care and outcomes, it was simply an opportunity too good to refuse.

What excites you the most about working for Radar Healthcare?

The most exciting would have to be being part of something that I know can make such a huge difference to any organisation in this sector. Being part of a solution that enables organisations to capture all of their complex data in a streamlined way that their teams can complete both quickly and easily freeing up their valuable time which can then be spent delivering better care to the most important people in their organisation, their residents and/or patients.

What has the transition been like moving from working as one of our partners to an employee of Radar Healthcare? And do you think your previous insight as a partner will influence your role as a Radar Healthcare’s Project Manager?

I’m a little over a month in and after working for Four Seasons Health Care Group for over 20 years I was, of course, nervous about the change, but everyone that I have met so far has been incredibly welcoming and supportive. It’s strange being the new guy but I’m thoroughly enjoying all the new things I’m learning and I already feel part of the team.

Yes, I do think my previous knowledge and experience gained whilst on the “other side of the fence” will influence my role as Project Manager at Radar Healthcare as I have a strong appreciation of the goings-on and challenges faced every day by the incredible people that work in this sector. I hope that the knowledge and experience I have gained can also provide value not only to my new colleagues but to Radar Healthcare as an organisation too.

Thanks, Craig – it has been really interesting chatting with you. Just to round off, outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

I like to keep physically active outside of work, I’ve been going to the gym for as long as I can remember, and it’s become a standard part of my day. I enjoy being able to switch off from everything else going on and simply focus on myself for an hour or two.

Away from the gym I thoroughly enjoy my football, both playing and watching. More often than not I’ll be supporting Manchester City rather than playing myself as my knees don’t tend to recover as quickly as they once could.

Outside of those sporting interests, in a roundabout way, I do also enjoy home improvement/DIY, although I have about 4 home projects on the go at the moment and may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Keep an eye out for more Radar Healthcare employee takeovers over on our Instagram page.

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