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Learning from experience – good and bad 

21 January 2022

Complaint handling is often a difficult process that can be made even harder when procedures on confidentiality, data protection and deadlines are added to the mix. To support your organisation, Radar Healthcare has devised modules that can automate some of the processes in receiving complaints, and compliments, to improve and reinforce organisational objectives. 

Complaints and compliments can be a key contributor to continuous improvement plans, as they hold valuable data that can be used to pinpoint where changes can be made to support an organisation’s development. 

Making the data work for you

Tracking this information – when, where and what happened – allows Radar Healthcare to formulate reports and graphs through AI and machine learning that you can analyse alongside your budgets, rotas, and supply chains to inform decisions in real time. 

To keep learning from the data you gain from the multiple areas of your business, you can set smart KPIs to track trends, both positive and negative, that can be used as goals for both individuals within the company and the business itself. The automatic redacting feature keeps all data confidential, meaning service users and staff are safe, and the team can resolve incidents efficiently and tactfully. 

Everyone on the same page 

As our intuitive system is centralised, communication is easy as everyone is looking at the same information. If a claims process is necessary, evidence will be standardised and easy to gather, making the situation easier to experience than before. 

Radar Healthcare allows you to customise your system and apply automated workflow activities, which can be as simple as sending emails to colleagues about upcoming deadlines or notifying team members of compliance tasks. 

Healthcare organisations are busy workplaces, perpetually moving and changing. Radar Healthcare has inbuilt, innate training for staff to learn on the job, ensuring everyone is working together in unison towards a shared ambition – making healthcare safer.

If you are interested in seeing how Radar Healthcare can help you improve your organisational goals through processing complaints and compliments, book your demo with us today.

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