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5 ways technology helps dental compliance

02 August 2022


  • Dentistry
  • Primary Care

Mature woman standing at the reception desk in a dental clinic filling out the papersStaying compliant in any area of healthcare is critically important, but it can feel confusing with ever-changing rules and regulations, not to mention the inspections and admin work behind the scenes.


What is compliance in dentistry?

Compliance as a general term is conforming to a rule, such as policies and standards. For dental practices, compliance is ensuring that the business and employees follow all regulations in place. The primary regulator is the Care Quality Commission, which ensures that dental practices, as well as other health and social care providers, adhere to the 5 standards: safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

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How does technology help with dental compliance?

1. Remove paper-based working

Does shuffling through lots of files and folders for your latest radiograph quality audit sound familiar? Or perhaps you need to provide some evidence to the CQC that you record every relevant incident or event that happens in your practice, for example, incorrect treatment plans or failure to check a patient’s records and medical history?

With cloud-based dental practice software, like Radar Healthcare, you can digitise all aspects of compliance like auditing and incident management. This not only makes the lives of your practice staff easier, but also improves patient safety and helps boost your CQC rating.


2. Reduce admin time for your staff

Your practice staff didn’t enter a career in dentistry to spend it filling out paper forms. By moving to digital, they can save time on admin and spend more on what they joined the profession for: caring for patients. 

Radar Healthcare provides inbuilt online training so your staff can get up and running as soon as possible, and soon see the benefits of going digital.

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3. Protect your brand

It’s important that your practice has a good reputation, to both maintain and attract new patients. Anyone can access CQC ratings and may use these to influence their decision on which practice to register to. With cloud-based dental practice management software, you can not only improve your CQC rating but also attract and retain the best dental staff around because it makes their jobs easier.


4. Oversight across multiple practices

If you have several dentist practices, you’ll recognise that knowing what’s going on in each location is key. This can be managed via email and phone to an extent, but in reality, it can become complicated, not to mention time-consuming. Instead, the best way to have oversight over any number of practices is to adopt software which shows you everything you need in one place.

Radar Healthcare has customisable dashboards that can show you the state of each practice in real-time. Whether you need to check that staff in a particular location are all up to date on their training through the workforce compliance module, or see which improvement plans another practice is putting in place, it takes just a few clicks. 


5. Share learning to drive joint improvements

Encourage an open culture of shared learning across your dental practices by recognising what is going well and where. For example, one location may be achieving exceptionally high audit scores in a particular area compared to the other practices. With Radar Healthcare, you can examine why this is and share the learning with the other practices.


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