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Midlands Air Ambulance Charity Partners with Radar Healthcare to Enhance Patient Care and Operational Efficiency

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Exclusive Offer Terms and Conditions

Offer validity:


Offer includes:

  1. Implementation – free of charge
  2. Licence and the following modules – £1,047 per month ex VAT.:
    • Events (non-NHS)
    • Incidents and Accidents (for example: falls, safeguarding, information governance, deaths, infections, wounds, med error, behavioural, traffic collision, near miss, regulatory notifications etc)
    • DoLS Tracker
    • COVID Tracker
    • Inspections (CQC, HSE etc)
    • On Call
    • Subject access requests
    • Complaint
    • Concern
    • Compliment
    • Action plans
    • Notices
    • Audits
    • Risk register (service level)
    • Document management
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Workforce compliance – training tracker and matrix
    • Analytics


All additional terms and conditions set out in full Radar Healthcare contract apply.