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Lifeways Group are Transforming Health and Safety with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) with the help of Radar Healthcare

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Digitise your incident management processes

Ensure nothing gets missed

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Is managing your incidents time consuming, taking away your ability to provide top quality care?

Radar Healthcare supports the automation of your processes and procedures so you can be sure that if an incident is logged, all the associated requirements, for example notifications or mandatory forms are triggered so nothing gets missed; creating standardised behaviours. Examples of incidents you may use Radar Healthcare to log are complaints, compliments, falls, safeguarding, and so much more.

Using in-depth analytics, complete with AI and machine learning, you can easily spot trends which may have otherwise been hidden. The software will then automatically assign and create actions, so you can learn lessons, share best practice and encourage a culture of continuous improvement.

With Radar Healthcare, improve your quality and outcomes of care through central management of all incidents. Connect related incidents, complaints, claims or compliments to each other so you can understand areas for improvement and see an overarching organisational view of what’s happening at any time.


Benefits of Radar Healthcare’s incident management software:

  • Create customisable incident forms so that you don’t need to fit your current processes around the software, it’s flexible to fit around your needs instead
  • Our platform is created around user feedback, ensuring it’s simple to use so you can hit the ground running straight away
  • Access Radar Healthcare on any device
  • Receive notifications for required actions or any deviations which need addressing
  • Set up and track performance KPIs to ensure you’re continuously improving


“With Radar Healthcare we are able to better demonstrate to our customers how we manage and track issues. This system has been very useful in demonstrating this to the CQC as well. We met with several providers, and chose Radar Healthcare based on its flexibility and its ability to robustly track through issues, tasks and actions.”

Richard Shama, Medical Director at Omnes Healthcare

Start your journey to digitised incident management processes

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    The forms and events that we set up were perfect for what we need, I couldn’t fault that

    Adam Paver-Merrison, Safeguarding and Data Protection Lead at Walsingham Support

    Our customers are from all areas of health and social care including:

    • NHS organisations
    • Care providers
    • Dental groups
    • Ambulance services
    • GP organisations
    • Commissioning groups
    Feature List Other Suppliers Radar Healthcare

    Multi-device friendly

    allowing you take the software anywhere


    ensures the software is always up-to-date with the latest version and features


    keep track of and carry out audits, while evidencing digitally

    State of the art analytics

    intelligent analytics enables users to easily analyse data

    Ongoing support

    expert team on hand to help throughout your whole contract

    Business compliance

    track and manage location based tasks and recurring checks

    Claims administration

    report any claims and ensure they’re followed up appropriately


    the software is flexible to fit around your processes, not the other way round


    log every complaint and compliment and link them to action plans

    User centred design

    the software is built by users, with users

    Incident management

    automatically triggered actions when an incident is logged

    Risk registers

    identify, track and manage risks that could threaten your business model


    store and manage documents and policies for easy access at any time

    Digital adoption platform

    an in-built help guide on the software to help you navigate

    Build your own dashboards

    customise your reporting with an overview of the elements that you choose