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Transitional care

Supporting the discharge of patients into care homes and other care settings.

From admission to discharge, with Radar Healthcare you can store all transition assessment data in one central location; creating automated workflows with clear internal or external assignment and ownership of tasks.

Radar Healthcare can help maintain internal and cross-organisational patient safety standards during the COVID-19 escalation.

  1. Implementation

    • Set up can be done at pace and scale to have you ready to go within days.

    • Training can be provided remotely with easy-to-follow training tools available on Radar Healthcare.

    • Integration with your own care system.

  2. Patient admission

    • Automated patient referral process for both Covid-19 and general patient transfer.

    • Create patient pathway and care package.

    • Ensure service is safe and ready to receive Covid-19 patients.

  3. Assessing their health needs

    • Create a body map of patient issue areas and wound assessment.

    • Complete all your assessments digitally using Radar Healthcare, providing you with the data and information to create your care plans.

    • Final assessments and ‘getting to know you’ questionnaires to help understand your patients’ needs and requirements.

    Some of the assesments you can complete using Radar Healthcare:

    Mobility risk assessment
    Pain assessment
    Falls assessment
    Choking assessment
    Nutritional assessment
    Bladder and bowel continence assessment
    Isolation and infection control protocols

  4. Ongoing care

    • Further assessments required for rehabilitation and discharge.

    • Integrate with your own care software, so you can use the data to influence any ongoing care decisions.

    • Automate any follow up and after care tasks required.

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