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Partnership News

Our partnership with Berkley Care Group

Berkley Care Group go live with Radar Healthcare!

The Berkley Care Group, a collective of 12 homes, has recently embarked on a strategic partnership with Radar Healthcare, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing pursuit of excellence and growth. Spearheaded by Berkley Care Group’s Business Intelligence Director, Rob Pinsent, this collaboration was driven by their pressing need for a dynamic platform capable of adapting to their ever-evolving needs.

In their quest for a solution, Berkley Care Group discovered that Radar Healthcare not only met but exceeded their expectations. The customisation capabilities were a pivotal factor, empowering their teams to construct tailored workflows, audits and forms that would perfectly align to their unique operational requirements. 

Radar Healthcare’s user-friendly interface stood out as another important feature. The simplicity of the dashboard, coupled with its ease of use, proved invaluable. Even during the training phase, team members navigated their personal dashboards effortlessly, facilitating a seamless onboarding experience.  

“Radar Healthcare’s adaptability, simplicity, and reporting capabilities have not only streamlined our day-to-day operations but significantly improved governance. This positions our group for future success, and we eagerly anticipate the continued success of this partnership.”  

Rob Pinsent, Business Intelligence Director

Boosting Efficiency with Centralised Reporting

Within just three weeks of implementing Radar Healthcare, the Berkley Care Group team noticed a significant improvement in their daily operations. One team member exclaimed, “Radar Healthcare has changed my life!” The system’s structured task management provided a quick, transparent overview without the complexities of their previous compliance system.  

Radar Healthcare has revolutionised their reporting by centralising information, enhancing oversight and improving learning outcomes. The system enables the team to demonstrate governance, evaluate clinical data and provide constructive feedback. This circular recording of events, oversight, and solutions aids in learning and providing evidence to the CQC.

Radar Healthcare Analytics

Seamless Reporting of Incidents

While not every event, complaint or incident has a learning outcome, having everything relating to an event in one location has a significant benefit. With the ability to attach ad-hoc files and comments, all team members can easily retrieve and find everything they need.

In a recent accident in one of their homes, all safeguarding information, letters, and corresponding documents were located in one place, saving time and ensuring complete oversight of the incident.    

Radar Healthcare Incident Reporting System

“We are delighted to welcome Berkley Care Group to the Radar Healthcare community. Both organisations share the same values and a strong commitment to prioritising the residents' well-being. I am looking forward to building on this shared vision moving forward.”  

Paul Johnson, CEO Radar Healthcare

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