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Case Study: Health Harmonie

Health Harmonie gain 93% covid vaccine status response rate with Radar Healthcare’s workforce compliance

Health Harmonie is an independent healthcare provider, working with the NHS to deliver community-based healthcare. They’re dedicated to minimising patient risk, supporting NHS Trusts and CCGs by providing additional capacity and helping to reduce waiting times. They implemented Radar Healthcare primarily to drive improvements and efficiencies in managing their workforce compliance

We spoke to Colleen Brown, Head of HR at Health Harmonie, about how Radar Healthcare helps her ensure new starters and potential candidates have the qualifications and skills needed, and current staff are up to date on all compliance areas. 

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What is your background in healthcare? 

I joined Health Harmonie 7 years ago in an admin role and shifted to be a Client Relationship Manager soon after. In this position I worked across client relationships, business development and commercial management. I helped to win tenders and new clients, as well as recruit Health Harmonie’s staff. After maternity leave, I came back to a full time HR role, and now, I’m Health Harmonie’s Head of HR managing the recruitment across over 50 sites.  


Can you tell us a little about Health Harmonie? 

Health Harmonie are an independent healthcare provider working closely in partnership with the NHS. We’ve been around for over 15 years and have more than 50 sites across England. We specialise in 5 areas: dermatology, gynaecology, opthalmology, ultrasound and minor surgery. With this come specific skills and qualifications that I need to ensure all team members (both existing and new) hold. 


How did the management of workforce compliance change with Radar Healthcare? 

Before we onboarded Radar Healthcare, we had no automation, everything was manual and we used a lot of spreadsheets. Taking staff qualifications for example, when working manually, the information is only accurate when you input it, but it could change at any point. We would also request proof from candidates and end up with lots of paper documents to scan in – for example, one candidate file could have 25 documents inside which could take up to half an hour to process. 

Radar Healthcare has enabled us to digitise our whole workforce compliance process and gain the assurance that our information is always up to date. Ownership of personal documents is now up to each staff member and we can see if they are up to date with the click of a button. Staff and their managers receive reminders if anything is about to expire, so there’s no need to go in and check. The system is easy to use for document purposes and we find that people pick up on it really quickly.

Colleen Brown, Head of HR at Health Harmonie

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We also use Radar Healthcare to log incidents, and it’s been especially useful with tracking covid vaccine statuses of staff across all our sites.

Using Radar Healthcare to track the covid vaccine status of staff meant that we received a 93% response rate in just 2 months, compared to 6-9 months previously.

Colleen Brown, Head of HR at Health Harmonie

This fantastic response rate meant that much less time was spent chasing staff members who had not responded over email or other traditional methods, as we knew that Radar Healthcare sent automatic weekly reminders out for us. I could therefore concentrate on my role of finding fantastic candidates to join Health Harmonie! 

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What does the future hold for Health Harmonie and Radar Healthcare? 

Due to how successful managing workforce compliance using Radar Healthcare has been, next, we’re going to fully migrate all of our compliance processes over. We’re looking forward to having a live dashboard of daily compliance statuses and seeing any trends the software points out for us.  

I would recommend Radar Healthcare because of the amazing support team. We had regular calls to discuss how things were going and ticket turnarounds only took 1-2 weeks.

Colleen Brown, Head of HR at Health Harmonie

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