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World Patient Safety Day 2020 – how can we make the most out of technology?

15 September 2020


  • Patient Safety

On World Patient Safety Day, we want to demonstrate how modern technology can really drive improvements and change the way the healthcare industry views patient safety.

patient safety circle

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO): 

  • 15% of hospital expenses can be attributed to treating patient safety failures in OECD countries. 
  • 4 out of 10 patients are harmed in the primary and ambulatory settings, where up to 80% of this harm can be avoided. 

These findings may be shocking to some, and they indicate that there is more to be done to improve patient safety. With the right software in place, you should see significant improvements.


How should technology help reduce these figures?

Simply put, your patient safety software should make it simple to report incidents, gather feedback and support a culture of learning and continuous improvement. But how does it do this?

Modern technology should:

  • Be capable of connecting all your patient safety processes together
  • Negate the need to log into several systems, or use paper and excel spreadsheets 
  • Minimise manual methods to reduce the chances of human errors and any associated delays 
  • Link all improvement plans off the back of an incident by assigning actions to all the relevant people 
  • Create a culture of accountability and responsibility, meaning that nothing is overlooked 
  • Pull all relevant evidence easily and provide full visibility of your current performance 
  • Be customised to your organisation’s processes and procedures – you shouldn’t have to change to fit technology, it should fit to you! 
  • Spot trends in data and alert you when something may be wrong 

If your technology is capable and used correctly, you should start to see significant improvements in patient safety and experience.


Does your current technology connect all the dots?

If your technology doesn’t link all the elements of patient safety together like the above diagram, look at our process page for more information on how software can make an impact, or get a free, no obligation demo by filling in the form below.

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