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Shining a light on World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

20 September 2023


  • Care Providers

World Alzheimer's MonthThis September marks World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, with World Alzheimer’s Day falling on the 21st of the month. This year’s theme is ‘Never too early, never too late’, which centres on the key risk factors and risk reduction, aiming to emphasise their crucial role in delaying and potentially preventing the onset of dementia.

What is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month?

Sadly Alzheimer’s is a poorly misunderstood disease, yet this serious brain condition affects over 50 million people internationally. Research has shown that by 2025, 1 million people will be living with the illness in the UK.

“Globally, dementia is one of the biggest challenges we face, with nearly 50 million people living with dementia worldwide. To tackle this international dementia challenge, we need to work together and share best practices.” – Alzheimer’s Society

World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Day allows people, businesses, communities, and global charities to host events, give support, and demystify dementia. The campaign also allow patients, carers, loved ones, healthcare professionals, and the media to raise awareness and donations to contribute towards research, treatment, and care.

What’s being done to help support this cause?

Former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Sajid Javid promised a 10 year plan to tackle dementia and increase funding for research to better understand neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Innovative technology

Technology surrounds us in our day-to-day lives and is shaping the future of health and social care. From smartphones and laptops to AI-driven software and health-related devices, the modern world hosts a range of devices to help make life easier.

Many healthcare providers are already using technology to complete compliance processes and other administration duties, improving care provision and freeing up time to focus on helping their patients.

In addition, more and more work is being developed to help produce more technology to support people with Alzheimer’s. For instance, wearables that track decline and telecare such as call alarms are always evolving and are becoming more person-centered and intuitive.

  • Ongoing and advanced research

The Government has committed to doubling research funding for dementia to £160m a year by 2024, and new research investigating how technology can innovate care for people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s is ongoing.

Radar Healthcare is proud to partner with Alzheimer’s Society

We are proud to work alongside Alzheimer’s Society, helping them improve the safety of their quality and compliance processes, to allow them more time to focus on what they do best.

Alzheimer’s Society’s mission is to help and support dementia patients and others affected by the disease to live better lives, free from stigma and inequality. Their work is done through a multi-faceted approach, flexible support services, and global research and campaigning.

Find out more about Alzheimer’s Society here.

Looking to get involved? Show your support here.

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