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The benefits of working smarter with Radar Healthcare: A story from our customers

27 April 2021


  • Care Providers

At Radar Healthcare, our software is all about helping you to work smarter and more efficiently, which in turn enables you to provide higher quality care. But what do we mean by smart working, and why should you consider it? 

To work smarter, the ability to consolidate your quality, compliance and risk data all together is crucial. Radar Healthcare allows you to do this seamlessly: 

  • No need for multiple systems, Radar Healthcare does it all in one central place
  • We understand that some events or risks are not stand alone – link them together in Radar Healthcare
  • Remove manual processes and reduce human error by shifting to digital 


The list goes on, but we think the best way to show you the benefits of a smarter way of working is to let our customers do the talking!  


Sanctuary Care, part of Sanctuary Group, is a care home provider, offering high quality services for the elderly, including residential, nursing and dementia care. Julia Rice, Business Compliance Manager for Sanctuary Care, said: 

“Radar Healthcare has transformed the way Sanctuary Care uses systems and how we access our data, within our homes and across our central teams. Prior to Radar, we were operating eight systems with lots of information that were not really talking to one another, which took valuable time in keeping up-to-date and finding the information we need. Radar Healthcare has given us the means to see sight of the bigger picture, that not only connects the dots for us internally, but has made our operations more efficient, and in turn increased our compliance support with external regulators. At Sanctuary, we are passionate about innovative technologies and Radar Healthcare is a big part of that.” 

Four Seasons Health Care is one of the UK’s largest independent health care providers caring for more than 10,000 people across the UK. They provide long-term and respite residential and nursing care for older people and are an award winning, sector leader in specialist dementia care. Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager, said: 

“As part of a restructure in our business over the past 12 months our goal was to streamline our approach to quality and assurance systems providing a single common interface across our various business processes to our care homes and regional teams. Additionally, we needed to lower our costs and most importantly save our team members time so they can spend more precious time caring for our residents. 

With the introduction of Radar Healthcare not only have we replaced 3 existing quality and assurance systems with 1 we have also enhanced those business processes as well, enabling us to capture better quality data in a more efficient manner. This has enabled our care homes to take greater control of their services whilst providing our regional teams with deeper insight into each of those individual services so they can provide targeted support where necessary. This allows them to confidently demonstrate to our regulators and other stakeholders that they have a robust service enabling them to deliver excellent outcomes for our residents.” 


Replacing manual methods 

Many of our customers replace multiple systems with ours, but that’s not all our software is helpful for. Other organisations which still used manual processes such as paper, excel spreadsheets and email find that Radar Healthcare helps them save time and ultimately deliver improved care as a result. 

Taking Thistle Healthcare Group as an example, which provide care homes throughout Scotland, their General Manager, Scott Finnigan, said: 

“Radar Healthcare saves us a huge amount of time reviewing and analysing quality and compliance data for events such as accidents and incidents or clinical data around wounds and medication errors. It would typically have taken two to three days per month for us work through all the data for each care home with information spread across ~300 emails but we can now gather and analyse all that data in less than a day which has allowed more time for us to focus on service support and the delivery of care; directly translating into significant cost savings across the group.” 

Times have changed, there’s no longer a need to work manually. Let our software automate your processes so that you can focus on what you love, providing care. 

Work smarter with Radar Healthcare

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