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Thank you, Ma'am

09 September 2022

Throughout 7 decades of change, Queen Elizabeth II has been a source of stability to our country. Her devotion to duty has been evident in the good times and the bad. Since 1952, the Queen touched so many lives. She has championed (and was patron) for countless charities and her ability to put those she met at ease is a lesson to us all in how far humbleness and kindness can go. We see these quality traits within health and social care over and over again, and how this choice is not ‘a job but a vocation’. The passion is there at the heart and soul as it was for the Queen in her role, which she saw as a service to her country.

In July 2022, the Queen recognised the NHS with the George Cross for its ‘courage, compassion and dedication’ during the pandemic and its service to the public for the last 74 years. This was only the third time this had been given to a collective body and was reflective of the thanks and appreciation for all NHS staff, past and present across all disciplines and four nations.

Queen Elizabeth II did her country proud, and today more than ever we want to say thank you for being our Queen and the greatest public servant until the end.

Goodnight Ma’am.