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Responding to Care Inspectorate Scotland’s new key question

20 October 2020


  • Care Providers

This summer, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Care Inspectorate Scotland introduced a new key question – Key question 7: How good is our care and support during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

In this blog we look into what this key question means, and how Radar Healthcare can help. 


Key question 7 

The new key question consists of 3 areas: 

  • 7.1 – People’s health and wellbeing are supported and safeguarded during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • 7.2 – Infection control practices support a safe environment for both people experiencing care and staff 
  • 7.3 – Staffing arrangements are responsive to the changing needs of people experiencing care 

Health, infection control and responsive staffing arrangements are more important than ever during this pandemic. Care Inspectorate Scotland has recognised this and added it to their key questions for rating organisations. How can you ensure you answer the new key question sufficiently? 

How Radar Healthcare can help 

If you’re still using manual methods in your organisation to keep on top of your quality and compliance processes, consider turning to digital technology. At Radar Healthcare, we offer a software to help you towards key question 7, as well as many others. Here’s how: 

  • Radar Healthcare’s events module allows staff to document every incident which occurs and assign action plans off the back of them. This means that issues like safeguarding shouldn’t be repeated and service user’s health and wellbeing are affected as little as possible. 
  • Carry out infection control checks with Radar Healthcare by specifying policies and procedures, monitoring these and evaluating what has gone well and what needs improving. 
  • Ensure that sufficient staff are available through real-time visibility of resource available. This allows you to re-allocate staff to other locations if needed. 
  • Encourage an open culture where staff are notified of the latest guidance and share lessons learned. With Radar Healthcare you can see which staff have read these communications. 

See how Thistle Healthcare utilised Radar Healthcare to answer key question 7, or book a demo to explore how we can help your organisation.


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