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Radar Healthcare Live - A Round-up

17 November 2020


  • Primary Care

If you missed Radar Healthcare Live, catch up on everything in one place here!

Radar Healthcare Live, held throughout October, was a month of webinars which provided an overview of the pressures facing the NHS today, and the important part that technology plays. The event consisted of 3 webinars and then a follow-up Demo Day where we enjoyed showing you how Radar Healthcare can help your organisations.

Digital Health webinar – Get ahead of the curve by embracing digital the right way

In our webinar with Digital Health, we spoke to Somerset NHS Foundation Trust (Somerset NHS FT) about their recent merging of two Trusts: what were the challenges, what did they need from technology, and how did Radar Healthcare help meet these requirements and overcome the challenges? 

The new normal: How important is risk management as we move into the next stage of COVID?

COVID hitting the world has resulted in many learnings, one of these being that boards are now more aware of how important managing risk is. When the pandemic first hit, risk assessments were carried out quickly in a reactive approach, but in an ideal world, the approach would be proactive.

We spoke to Ann Highton, Governance Advisor for the Lancashire & South Cumbria ICS, Local Maternity System, about risk approach and importance of technology.

If you missed it, watch now:

"For us, the part of Radar Healthcare that really stood out was the analytics. Everyone expects systems to be able to display data, but what really stood out for us as a wow moment, when we saw something different, is when the smart AI can show you this is what you do now, now let me show you something you don’t know."

Paula Wiggins, Systems Manager at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Changing the culture of primary care to accept technology

When the pandemic hit, we saw the NHS adopt technology quicker than it ever has. While there’s always been technology out there, it’s come with a nervousness to really make the most of it – and with so many options out there, it’s been difficult to know what to invest in.

Watch our webinar to find out more:

Radar Healthcare’s Demo Day

Taking you back to early this year, we worked through the events of the pandemic. Using the direct experience of our customers, we showed you what you could have done differently, had you had Radar Healthcare.

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