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Radar Healthcare employees become Mental Health First Aiders

18 May 2021


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Radar’s employees on their MHFA course

Radar’s employees on their MHFA course

Last month, six of Radar Healthcare’s employees underwent a two-day course to become Mental Health First Aiders. They are now equipped with the knowledge of how to act in a situation where someone may be undergoing a mental health crisis. This is a valuable skill both in and out of the workplace, as it allows Radar Healthcare to have mental health representatives who employees can turn to if needed, and employees who will promote good mental health in their day to day working lives. 

Mental Health First Aid England say “We all have mental health. Better mental health is good for everyone and recognising this is good for society. We want a society where everyone can thrive. We believe in zero stigma surrounding mental health. We want mental health to be openly discussed and supported.” 

Radar Healthcare’s CEO, Paul Johnson, agrees and adds “We believe good mental health is vital in the workplace and we strive to make Radar Healthcare a place where colleagues can openly discuss and receive the support they need. That’s why we invited employees to become Mental Health First Aiders and help fight the stigma”. 


Why Radar Healthcare’s employees wanted to become Mental Health First Aiders 


Molly Kent, National Business Development Manager for the NHS at Radar Healthcare said “I was keen to take part in the MHFA course because everyone is affected by mental ill health at some point in their lives, whether that’s as an individual, or indirectly through our friends, family and colleagues. The course was engaging, eye opening and, in my opinion, necessary. Now more than ever, it’s vital to have access to the resources to help ourselves and others around us who are struggling with mental health issues. I encourage everyone and anyone to take part as there is still a lot of stigma around mental health, and the more we can learn and educate others, the better our world will be!” 

Alicia Ahmed with an activity which helps her maintain good mental health – painting 

Alicia Ahmed with an activity which helps her maintain good mental health – painting 

Alicia Ahmed, Project Support Officer at Radar Healthcare, said “I have found the MHFA course has given me more confidence to start conversations and know what I can do if I notice someone may be struggling with their mental health. Work is such a large part of our everyday lives and can have a huge impact on us. I am really happy to work for a company that wants to promote employees’ well-being.” 


Learn more about Mental Health First Aid England, and what makes it so important to have trained employees.