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Our Head of Marketing stars in September’s Home Care Insight

07 September 2021


  • Company updates

Hayley Levene, our Head of Marketing at Radar Healthcare, is September’s Home Care Insight (HCI) front cover, with an interview about how proud we are to be sponsoring the Leaders in Care Awards. 


Hayley Levene


Hayley explains why it was so important for Radar Healthcare to sponsor the awards this year, and how our software helps home care around the UK. 


What makes Radar Healthcare different


“There are so many things that makes us different, but I think the main differentiation is our people. We really do care and we work in partnership with our customers from the start, right through their journey with us.” 

We don’t see our relationship with our customers as simply transactional; we see it as a partnership. We have a dedicated Customer Success team who help ensure that users of our product are confident in achieving their goals. 


Increasing productivity 


“Our software helps care providers to work more efficiently – it’s easy for a software provider to say that we’re saving them time, but what we’re actually doing is helping them be more productive with their time. Taking Spark Medical as an example; rather than spending four hours completing manual audits, they’re instead spending that time more productively because Radar Healthcare is giving them that time back.” 

When speaking to our customers, we see time and again how Radar Healthcare makes their lives easier. Many features are automated so that we can save them valuable time, which we know is so important in healthcare. Have a look at what our customers say about Radar Healthcare to find out more. 


Being quick to react 


“When the pandemic began, we were really quick to react – we built our teams to be agile, to be able to act when we need to and we did just this. We created multiple event types for our customers so they could track pretty much anything during the pandemic, from vaccine rates, to staff self- isolating, to understanding what was happening across locations, and where they may have safeguarding issues.” 

It’s important in both technology and healthcare worlds to be able to react and adapt to changes rapidly and efficiently. For example, Walsingham Support realised they needed a specific COVID-19 event adding to Radar Healthcare and worked with one of our team to do just this. Within 2 hours the event was personalised to fit their business processes for exactly what they needed. 


Always evolving 


“We’re currently working with one customer on IoT (internet of things). We’ll be connecting Radar Healthcare to a patient safety monitor, so that if the monitor goes off, it’ll automatically create actions and start a workflow to ensure the correct actions are taken and evidenced. The equipment manufacturers also benefit as they will be able to host guides, troubleshooting documents and equipment audits on Radar Healthcare too. Everyone will therefore know how to use and maintain the equipment, enabling them to provide the best care possible.” 

“Another exciting thing we’re working on is Natural Language Processing (NLP). In simple terms, this will enable the user to ask the system a question without having to search for the answer across different modules. For example, how many events did we have on a specific day, or where are we at with a specific event?” 


The Leaders in Care Awards 


“To every single person involved in the healthcare sector, regardless of winning, you’re a hero in our eyes. Thank you to everyone, and good luck at the awards.” 

Everyone at Radar Healthcare would like to wish all the nominees good luck in the Leaders in Care Awards. If you’d like to read Hayley’s full blog, take a look at September’s Home Care Insight. 

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