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Our Head of Marketing speaks to Care Home Professional about driving real change

19 October 2021

Hayley Levene, Head of Marketing at Radar Healthcare, features in October’s Care Home Professional about why we sponsored this year’s Leaders in Care Awards, and how our software drives real change in care homes. 

Here we summarise some of the key points Hayley said: 


What made you decide to sponsor this year’s Leaders in Care Awards?

“Over the last year, we’ve seen first-hand how difficult it’s been for care professionals, and when the opportunity arose to be a part of celebrating their hard work and dedication, we just couldn’t turn that down.” 


How does using Radar Healthcare help providers minimise risk potential?

“They’ll have one central risk register which they can use to manage risks, understand scores, take more control and set up improvement plans to minimise these. They can also automatically link incidents, action plans, performance and pretty much anything they’ve inputted into the system to their risk management process. For example, if a group of care homes was experiencing a lot of complaints in a particular time period, the system would automatically trigger potential risks to their brand reputation or even financial loss. The relevant people would then be notified to take action and follow the right processes.” 


How does using your software help providers improve care quality and achieve higher CQC ratings?

“Our software will instil standardised ways of working, provide the evidence they need in just a few clicks, automate improvement plans, trigger actions and do all the tracking in real-time, so organisations can then shift to work more proactively and improve care quality.” 


How have you helped care providers stay up to date with the changing regulatory environment?

“Our software provides one central source of truth for both organisations and any regulators they report to. It means that whenever they need to evidence that they’re compliant, using the correct policies, putting quality improvement plans in place, reporting on the right things and providing safe care, they can get this information in just a few clicks.” 


Read the full article in Care Home Professional, or book a demo to see how we can help your care home. 

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