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Methodology for quality and compliance improvements

02 July 2019

With an exponential rise in the use of technology in healthcare organisations, embedding a culture of quality and compliance is about more than introducing a software package, it requires the redefinition of staff roles and responsibilities and support for them to work differently, connecting organisational silos.

Radar Healthcare was created to support the cycle of continuous improvement and within this blog post, we wanted to share how the proven methodology within our software supports you to deliver a sustainable level of improvement.



Radar Healthcare captures information according to your organisation’s specific processes and procedures. Complex data capture requirements are translated into intuitive, meaningful forms, encouraging interaction with the system and ease of use.

These context aware forms and pre-defined data fields help reduce discretionary data input ensuring only relevant information is captured.

This triggers the correct business rules to be followed providing assurance of corrective actions and resolution. Through personalised rules and workflows responsibilities are clear, quality performance, risks and regulatory requirements are understood and managed at all levels.




Sustainable quality improvement requires an organisation to be well-led with workforce engagement at all levels and full oversight of performance. Radar Healthcare facilitates this by providing an evidence-base around the results of your quality improvement strategy.

Closing the loop when things go wrong and always ensuring actions and improvements are tracked offers everyone in your organisation the real time visibility of quality improvement progress.

With Radar Healthcare it becomes easier to share best practice and reflect on lessons learnt which brings with it a cycle of continuous improvement.




A systematic approach to standardising good practice is essential to the delivery of outstanding care.

Radar Healthcare helps you to identify areas of good practice and translate them into automated workflows and processes to be replicated across the organisation; avoiding the risk of discretionary working practices and regulatory/organisational breaches.

Using Radar Healthcare to turn good practice into standardised behaviours in this way helps to provide the governance and assurance around ways of working, ensuring the best possible care is recognised and systematically delivered.




Accurate and insightful reporting is critical to understanding key trends, best practice and early indicators of required improvements which is why Radar Healthcare places a focus on data integrity to power its suite of reports.

Having comparable data available for analysis about the full organisation allows triangulation around areas of concern to be identified easier.

Whether you manage one or multiple care settings, Radar Healthcare gives you real-time visibility of your compliance status across a series of easy-to-understand dashboards – providing assurance that your team is delivering service excellence.




Radar Healthcare doesn’t just help you identify existing and potential non-conformances, it also supports you to create, execute and monitor corrective and preventive action plans.

Action plans can be either automatically or manually triggered ensuring they are owned or escalated to the relevant individual, closing the loop between recognising when things are going wrong and then prompting remedial action.

With action planning at its core, Radar Healthcare enables you to readily evidence the appropriate response and resolution to any situation and ensuring improvements are made

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