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Maintaining operational excellence during organisational restructure

29 March 2021


  • ICSs

The development of integrated care systems (ICSs) over the coming months will undoubtedly lead to a lot of disruption with:

  • Redefined roles and responsibilities
  • More place-based KPI setting
  • New reporting structures

The centralised management of operational data to facilitate this has never been so important.

Radar Healthcare has been designed to support healthcare organisations, from providers up to ICS board level, maintain operational excellence during periods of change.

Our software can support each part of the health and care system to make intelligent use of data and information, empowering your workforce to be more efficient and effective in delivering high-quality care.


ICS Board

  • Create joint action plans between CCGs, Local Authorities, place-based partnerships and providers
  • Spread best practice and reduce duplication of effort
  • Visibility of performance and variation across the health and care landscape
  • Data-driven insights to support process improvement


Clinical Commissioning Groups

  • Understand and reduce unwarranted clinical, operational and service variation
  • Underpin governance structures in support of improvement programme delivery
  • Bring together information to support place-based planning and commissioning
  • Create frameworks for ICS delivery plans to improve services and operational performance and deliver cost reductions


Place-based partnerships (ICPs, PCNs etc.)

  • Identify where operational standardisation adds value
  • Centralised management of quality frameworks and support services
  • Monitoring of KPIs i.e. total GP referrals made for a first outpatient appointment
  • Automated workflows to ensure continuity of care across providers


Health and care providers (NHS Trusts, Primary Care, Community Care etc.)

  • Risk management
  • Recording and monitoring of incidents
  • Audits and self-assessments to maintain quality and compliance
  • Workforce competency assurance


Local Authorities

  • Data driven insights to support community service redesign i.e. unnecessary admissions
  • Understand demand and capacity for public health needs


If you’re looking for a software provider to support your ICS at all levels, speak to the Radar Healthcare team.

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