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KareInn and Radar Healthcare partner to help care homes in compliance management

17 April 2024


  • Press Release

Digital care planning software provider, KareInn, and risk, quality and compliance software provider, Radar Healthcare, have partnered to give care homes more streamlined processes for managing compliance.

The integration between the two systems means that whenever a care worker logs an incident on KareInn, the relevant details are automatically populated into Radar Healthcare, without the need for duplication input by the carer. With Radar Healthcare’s process workflows and analytics capabilities, it becomes easier to transfer information and insights back into the KareInn system, leading to a more person-centred approach to the care plan and the ability to implement lessons learnt.

KareInn’s next generation digital care planning software is advancing care through tech enabled tools that improve business performance, reduce preventable risks and raise the quality of resident care.

Radar Healthcare provides a platform for health and social care organisations to improve their operations and drive positive outcomes. The platform includes modules for events, incident, risk, and audit management, as well as document management and workforce compliance. Intelligent analytics are used to analyse data patterns and trigger actions, improving safety standards, reducing risks, and enhancing the delivery of care.

"At KareInn, we are continuously developing new features and leveraging best in class technology to give care staff the freedom and time to care as well as providing senior management with the oversight to ensure higher occupancy rates and minimise risk. This partnership will further support our care home partners to streamline processes for managing compliance and empower the sector to make safe and impactful decisions.”

Kate Colborne-Baber, Managing Director, KareInn

KareInn’s integration with Radar Healthcare will offer their care homes:

  • Synced details

    Compliance managed in Radar Healthcare will flow back key actions to KareInn, ensuring KareInn remains the single point of truth for resident information.

  • Time saved

    Removing the need to duplicate reporting saves care workers time and prevents human error when populating the same details into two different systems. This time can be spent caring for residents rather than on administrative duties.

  • A streamlined process

    The automation means nothing changes for the care worker. They input the details into KareInn as usual and that’s it. No need to worry about how to add it anywhere else or what happens next to trigger the relevant workflows and actions.

  • A consistent approach to incident reporting across all required systems

    This helps to create the best outputs and allow KareInn to implement learnings all of which improve the care for the resident.

“We're thrilled to announce our partnership with KareInn. Our joint determination to leverage technology to better the lives of those in social care is transforming the industry. By empowering care staff, enhancing team oversight, and enabling carers to provide exceptional care by freeing up their time, we are driving innovation and revolutionising the digital transformation of the sector.”

Paul Johnson, CEO and Co-founder, Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare logo

The two innovative companies will be working together in the future to further support the care sector in improving care outcomes.

About Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare is dedicated to helping health and social care organisations across the world to improve learnings and drive positive outcomes. We do this through our interoperable risk, quality and compliance platform which supports the quest for excellence through incident management, risk management and audit management software, as well as quality improvement plans and workforce compliance. Intelligent analytics enable actions to be triggered directly from this data and monitors data patterns to create events, automate notifications around concerns and improve operational intelligence across one or multiple locations. In this way, health and social care providers can improve safety, reduce risks, know they are compliant, increase productivity and improve the delivery of care through quality assurance and operational efficiency.


About KareInn

KareInn offers an NHS assured suite of features designed to support better care and operations, which: improve care management; enhance staff wellbeing; improve safety and transparency; deliver cost and time savings and provide data security and protection.

In addition to comprehensive digital care planning tools, KareInn offers a pre-admissions and family portal, dependency tool for to support dynamic pricing, robust reporting across the care service including an interactive and personalised dashboard feature.

KareInn’s in-house change management experts will safely guide users on the next step of their digital journey.

Visit KareInn’s website to find out more.

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