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Introducing the next generation of healthcare analytics

23 November 2020


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Already love what the analytics on our software provides you? Get ready to be excited, we’ve enhanced our state-of-the-art analytics to include a ‘build your own’ feature. 

We know that when our customers first see what our analytics are capable of, they’re impressed. Now, you have the power to build your own. Just imagine what you could create!

Our standard analytics toolalready included in Radar Healthcare, includes a wide range of functionality that we know is useful to our customers. We often receive comments about how easy it is to understand and spot trends. Now we’ve gone a step further and created Radar Healthcare Analytics for organisations who need to deep dive into their analytics at a more bespoke level. 

Why Radar Healthcare Analytics? 

Extra features and the benefits they bring include: 

  • Customised dashboards – build and design your own dashboards. 
  • Flexible permissions – use Radar Healthcare’s in built permissions to ensure only the relevant roles have access to your custom designs 
  • Empower your users easily create and share insights without the needs for analysts
  • Training – our Product Specialists will train you as part of the package
  • Custom sources available – integrate alternative sources of data outside of Radar Healthcare

Take a look at just some of the exciting things our new powerful analytics is capable of…


An example dashboard of falls in an organisation

Falls dashboard


Easily keep track of complaints with a new dashboard

Example complaint dashboard


Ensure your audits are carried out on time and easily see average scores

example audit dashboard


Full visibility of action plans, which are open, complete and more

Example action plan dashboard


Would you like to know more about what Radar Healthcare Analytics can offer or see it in action? If you’re already a customer, speak to our support team. If you don’t yet use Radar Healthcare but want to see what we can offer, book a demo. 

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