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Introducing Radar Healthcare's new and improved Audits Management Software

14 March 2023


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Corrina Plant (Project Manager) talks about our new and improved audit management softwareHello, Corrina. As a Project Manager at Radar Healthcare who works directly with our NHS partners, could you please provide us with a brief overview of the new enhanced Audits module? 

Sure, so the new and enhanced audits module has been developed to be more responsive and to give more flexibility than the current ‘audits’ module. 

With enhanced audits, you can pick your own response types, rather than being restricted to a ‘Yes,’ ‘No’, or ‘N/A’ question. Instead, users can create any type of response within the audit and on the go. It also gives you more scheduling flexibility, so if you have an audit that needs to happen you can schedule the same audit to be monthly at one unit or quarterly at another. 

It also enables you to answer questions on an audit without contributing to the audit score. For example, you can create hand hygiene audits in which there is a pass or fail, but it won’t be included in the score of the audit. 

One of the most significant enhancements is the ability to assign tasks to the appropriate people rather than a single person, allowing you to spread the workload. This means that multiple people can now handle any audit rather than just one, ensuring a more collaborative approach. 

Lastly, there’s now the option to build an action plan as you go, based on the response. For instance, if the auditor answers ‘fail’ to that particular question, they can build an action plan off the back of it.  

All these advances will benefit the NHS and care organisations to work more efficiently and build customisable audits based on specific needs.  


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We heard that you’ll be attending some events this year, can you tell us what our partners can expect and what you can help them with? 

As project managers, we can support them in configuring the system to help them address compliance issues and identify critical areas for improvement, which will help you improve your governance, compliance, and CQC ratings. 

My role at Radar Healthcare is to assist and advise you on the optimal set-up so you can get the most out of the system. With enhanced audits, we can show you how to use the analytics module, and help highlight which actions will have the most significant impact and drive the most improvement across your organisation. 

We frequently see time wasted with audits due to people focusing their efforts on one big, failed question at one location, but at Radar Healthcare, we make you see everything from a bigger picture so that if there is a “most failed question” across multiple locations, you can focus your time on that. It’s all about concentrating your efforts where you can have the greatest impact. 

What types of audits can be achieved using Radar Healthcare? 

Because you’re not restricted to certain response types, and every question is a scored question, you can build any type of audit for a health and social setting, to help drive improvements in your organisation. Our audits module isn’t restricted to one type of audit, inspection, or assessment and checklist. 

However, the most common audits we see in the NHS are ward audits, which typically include pressure injury prevention audits, infection prevention control, hand hygiene audits, and fall prevention audits. And, with care organisations, you can adapt your audit much more quickly, and in turn the upcoming changes to how this will be assessed.  

Finally, as a Project Manager, how do you help partners implement a module like enhanced Audits into their day-to-day role? 

Our current partners are moving to enhanced Audits now, so it gives them an opportunity to review any audits that they couldn’t do before. It also means they can review and improve on their audits as they’re transferring over. 


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For any new partners, we’ll introduce them to the enhanced Audits as part of their implementation, allowing them to review any existing audits during their onboarding phase. The advantage is that they can test as they go because there’s now the ability to preview audits as you build, saving you time. You can also easily publish to go live after using the audits module, so you can quickly adapt, change, and republish any changes without requiring assistance from our teams. 

Thank you for your time, Corrina. It has been great catching up with you. For those who would like to learn more about our new and improved audit management software, click here. 

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