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Insights and Lessons from Health Plus Care 2023

04 May 2023


  • Community Care
  • Patient Safety

Radar Healthcare at Health Plus Care 2023

Health Plus Care 2023 with Radar Healthcare

For the third year in a row, the Radar Healthcare team packed their bags and travelled to London for the Health Plus Care event on 26-27th April. It was an exciting event full of networking, learning, and insightful sessions on improving safety in health and social care, watch our highlights here.

Over the course of the two days, industry experts shared their insights and experiences on digital culture.

In this blog, we’ll recap some of the event’s key takeaways, including discussions about the critical role that data and digital technology play in improving healthcare services, the importance of cultural change and leadership in digital adoption, and actionable strategies for social care providers to better evidence CQC compliance.


Balancing technology and patient-centred care

2023’s Digital Healthcare Show was brilliant, filled with innovative ideas and conversations, challenging the current processes, and providing viable solutions to drive positive change. We had the pleasure of attending many insightful sessions.

With that said, one of the standout sessions from the Digital Healthcare Theatre was ‘Fostering a digital culture within healthcare organisations,’ with:

  • Yinka Makinde from NHS England
  • Michael Beckett from Medway NHS Foundation Trust
  • Linda Vernon from Lancashire & South Cumbria ICB
  • Gurnak Singh Dosanjh from NHS Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

The session highlighted the immense challenges facing the healthcare industry, as well as the role of data and digital tech in improving the delivery of healthcare services. In addition, the importance of making better use of data for prevention and diagnosis, easing pressures, and better population health management.

The speakers stressed that digital adoption is about more than simply technology; it’s also about cultural change, which should be led from the top while being shaped from the bottom.

The session discussed the formalisation of ICSs as a unique opportunity to bridge the health inequality gap. They did, however, point out the importance of digital inclusiveness and a patient and public-centred approach are critical to the success of digital culture, stating that “success will be achieved when the word digital is no longer used.”

They challenged healthcare organisations to create a culture of innovation and to be clear and realistic about timescales. The session also touched upon the frustration of different systems and the need to act as an enabler to integrate short-term and long-term programs.

Overall, the session emphasised the need for a collaborative approach and highlighted the importance of transcending sectors to achieve success.


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Equipping social care workers for success

The Residential and Home Care Show was the best yet, with two days packed with the latest digital technology innovations and talks from industry experts offering practical solutions on how the social care sector can better tackle modern-day demands and difficulties.

With a multitude of talks and discussions, our team was spoiled for choice but some of the stand-out sessions included:

  • A pioneering approach to falls technology, Hallmark Care Homes and BT
  • Vivaldi Social Care Research and the potential to save lives
  • Embracing the benefits of digital care, Nourish Care
  • A people plan call to action and how we make life better for people
  • The vision of data sharing between the NHS and Social care with speakers from both the private and public sector
  • Tips on improving and evidencing CQC compliance in line with the new framework, Outstanding Society

Attendees at the event delved into the latest trends and challenges in the health and social care industry. From leveraging technology to maximise efficiencies to exploring new ways to improve resident care, the event offered a wealth of insights and inspiration.

One major theme was the changing CQC strategy and the vital role of feedback in evidencing compliments and recognising excellence in care provision. The speakers discussed some truly innovative ways to collect feedback, such as using digital platforms like Radar Healthcare to ensure data is not only captured but improvements are made to embed a culture of excellence.

Building confidence in your care home

The recent CQC session focused on improving your CQC rating and offered valuable insights and strategies to help care homes excel in this area. The talk covered key topics such as incorporating CQC inspections into daily routines, putting yourself in charge of your CQC rating, and empowering teams to embed a culture of excellence.

A highlight of the talk was the discussion around building confidence and how to change your language and outlook to build trust with the CQC. It also explored the importance of collecting compliments and feedback as part of a new strategy to inform the CQC, and the role of quality statements as the backbone of a good rating.

During the talk, they discussed how to “prove it or lose it” during your CQC inspection. This included important considerations such as documenting your work consistently, focusing on positive risk behaviour, and understanding the lasting impact on the quality of life for residents.

Overall, the CQC provided a wealth of valuable information and actionable strategies for care homes looking to improve their CQC rating. By taking the advice presented and implementing these approaches, care homes can demonstrate their commitment to providing exceptional care and achieve a higher rating with the CQC.


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Radar Healthcare takes to the stage

Our team delivered two thought-provoking talks at Health Plus Care:

  • A people, process and system approach to patient safety and infection control with Chris Gibson, Director of Leadership at The Growth Pod and Pelagia Reidy, Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control. Watch the talk here.

The session focused on infection control at its most extreme and the learnings we can take, the importance of psychological safety and the people factor, and finally the role of technology and how this can assist in infection prevention and control.

  • Simon Quasir with Nuno Almeida from Nourish CareThe power of interoperability across healthcare with Simon Qasir, Chief Revenue Officer at Radar Healthcare and Nuno Almeida from Nourish Care. Watch the talk here.

The session discussed the power of interoperability and the scope that this can have within social care.

With digital demand growing, and digital transformation happening fast, the buzzword of the show, it is important to understand the impact of combining first-class care planning software, like Nourish Care, with an award-winning continuous learning and improvement engine, like Radar Healthcare, on the quality of care delivered. A more cohesive system can help to ensure that actions are dealt with in a timely manner, the ability to learn why accidents are happening, what are the trends and how we can learn from this are all extremely exciting outcomes when a smart way of using data between systems is identified.

If you missed us at The Residential and Home Care Show, or have some more questions, contact our friendly team for a chat and learn more about how we can help you and your organisation.

Coming together to drive patient and resident care

Finally, we would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended our stand and took advantage of our complimentary coffee. It was great to get out and hear about your challenges and triumphs, and how the industry can make changes to deliver improved patient and resident care. 

If you’d like to discuss some of the topics covered, as well as how Radar Healthcare can help drive digital transformation, get in touch with our expert team here.

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