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Global lessons in improving healthcare – our CTO speaks to HSJ

12 October 2021

Lee Williams, CTO and co-founder at Radar Healthcare, spoke to HSJ about what we can learn from international healthcare systems – especially in response to the pandemic – and the importance of sharing best practice worldwide.


“If there’s one thing that covid has underlined, it’s that health and healthcare require a global focus. Possibly more than at any time in our history, health systems worldwide have been collaborating and sharing information about the pandemic and responses to it.”


Lee believes that worldwide collaboration during the pandemic has been a valuable example of how international healthcare systems can learn from each other.


“Working internationally as we do at Radar Healthcare, one thing that I’ve very much noticed is that some other systems have prioritised a clearly articulated and joined up ambition.”


Lee explains how he’s seen other systems take safety ambitions to a new level. One example is Radar Healthcare’s work with countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia. Their vision for healthcare is to be the very best, and this aspiration is ingrained in every healthcare worker. They also strongly believe in the digital transformation of healthcare, which Lee advocates after seeing the impact advanced technology like Radar Healthcare can achieve.


“In July, the Emirates Health Service selected us to deliver our quality and compliance software to 17 hospitals and 73 primary care centres across the region. The system will support them in delivering clinical incident reporting and patient safety outcomes. This will include our focus on excellence reporting to drive patient safety and continuous improvement.”


Another example is Radar Healthcare’s partnership with the Emirates Health Service in order to help them deliver clinical incident reporting and patient safety outcomes. They said: “Our key focus is to improve patient safety. We believe that incident and risk management reporting offered by Radar Healthcare’s accredited system and MEMIT’S expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions, will support us in achieving the safest patient care in the region.” 


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