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Focusing on user centred design

02 May 2019


  • Our product

Our software never stands still… we are already planning now for what the quality and compliance landscape will look like in the future.

Through engagement with our customers and wider stakeholder groups, we are committed to continuously improving the performance of Radar Healthcare software through regular enhancements.

Our focus on user-centred design means that customers are an integral part of our product development process.  From involvement in co-design workshops to Beta testing, our customers help to continuously drive product improvements to help us meet the quality and compliance needs of the healthcare industry.


Our Process


There are five major user centered design principles we follow:-

1. A clear understanding of user and task requirements.

2. Incorporating user feedback to define requirements and design.

3. Early and active involvement of the user to evaluate the design of the product.

4. Integrating user-centred design with other development activities.

5. Iterative design process


It is quite simple – if you change the design late in the process, then it will typically cost ten times more than if you changed it during the requirements stage. Analysis and feedback are critical. User-centered design makes sure that you design and develop products right from the beginning, exactly what your clients want.


The Essential Elements of User-Centered Design


Visibility: Users should be able to see from the beginning what they can do with the product, what is it about, how they can use it.

Accessibility: Users should be able to find information easily and quickly. They should be offered various ways to find information for example call to action buttons, search option, menu, etc.

Legibility: Text should be easy to read. As simple as that.

Language: Short sentences are preferred here. The easier the phrase and the words, the better


New feature releases – Helping you plan


Early Access – Admin/key users’ will gain early access to the Beta release so you get to use the new features/UI now

Webinars – we’re organising sessions that will run through the updates so that you’re fully informed

Resources – Resources including video and interactive tools to help introduce new features within your business

Embedded Help – integrated help and walk throughs through a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) delivering proactive, step-by-step guidance within the software itself, in addition to our comprehensive help guides.

This will:

Streamline the roll out of new features and barriers to change by empowering users and increasing usability
Reduce support costs as contextual guidance will be available 24/7
Support your training programme for new and existing Radar Healthcare users


The Future


We are already planning now for the future.

Our innovation pathway is planned with customers in mind, as we look to incorporate cutting edge technology to help you deliver better care.

We’re looking forward to keeping you updated!!