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Barriers to digital improvement in the NHS

17 January 2022

Our industry is united in improving patient welfare, but how can we improve those outcomes through digital technology? What is standing in the way of our NHS becoming the best it can be?

Audience members of our online event, in association with The King’s Fund, identified some barriers that they think delay the NHS’s progression with digital technology.

IT literacy

For people comfortable with IT, the jump to digitisation is an exciting and positive experience. But for those who aren’t as comfortable with computers, it can feel like a daunting leap. What many audience members mentioned was that their teams don’t have the time to dedicate to learning how to use a new system. However, the right digital tools shouldn’t be a barrier. What makes our software different is the intuitive nature of the user design and user experience because we recognise that the system should be as easy-to-use as possible.

With simple how-to guides available in each module to support you in reporting events, logging tasks and completing audits, no one is second-guessing themselves with sensitive data.


Patient safety is hugely important to Radar Healthcare’s vision as well as to the NHS. Ensuring that our patients and service users feel safe in our partners’ care is key to our own success.

Our reporting tools allow for our partners to monitor the location, frequency and severity of events and incidents so teams can mitigate healthcare errors in the future and improve safety outcomes for both patients and workers.


There were a few audience members who suggested that digitisation should be shelved whilst basic training and IT support is dealt with first. However, many recognised the benefits of digital technology and how this can improve efficiency and support those within the NHS to make everyday tasks easier.

Radar Healthcare is eager for its partners to get the most out of its working day, and so we offer support and access to webinars to all users. What’s more is that Radar Healthcare can tailor itself to your business, so you get exactly what you need out of the system to help you achieve your objectives.

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