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COVID-19 response

17 March 2020

As the outbreak of the COVID-19 continues to evolve, we’d like to reassure our customers and stakeholders that Radar Healthcare is following all advice set out by the Government and Public Health England.

How can Radar Healthcare help your organisation at this time of uncertainty?

To help our customers through these uncertain times, we are working hard to ensure we provide support and assistance; including identifying ways in which Radar Healthcare’s software can support organisations to manage an outbreak in their health and care settings. The following items are examples of how standard response protocols can be managed through Radar Healthcare, all of which are either already available within the system or will be provided within our customer’s existing licence fees.

  • We can help tailor a COVID-19 response workflow that fits within your existing business processes.
  • You can use Radar Healthcare to rapidly communicate guidance to your workforce and receive acknowledgement of who has read the information.
  • Workforce compliance can be maintained by creating a COVID-19 training module, ensuring everyone is up to date with general infection control protocols.
  • You can ensure your infection control processes and procedures are being followed through scheduled tasks and audits.

And because our software is cloud-based, we can of course help you with all of the above whilst working remotely.

If you are a Radar Healthcare customer and would like to discuss any areas of bespoke support that you require, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0330 223 0872.

If you don’t yet have Radar Healthcare but are interested in finding out how we can implement our software at pace and scale to support your organisation, please call 0330 223 2740 or you can book a remote demo here.

Business continuity

In line with current guidance, our team will be working remotely whilst still being available through the usual communication channels and all work is being completed as scheduled. Our priority is to deliver the same high level of service that you’re used to, whilst ensuring the wellbeing of our staff and their families.

With regards to the availability of our software, our hosting solution operates an ISO 22301:2012 accredited business continuity management system which facilitates restoration and delivery of key services in the event of a critical incident. This includes lack of site access through localised virus outbreak right up to a pandemic.

If you have a meeting or training session scheduled with us, we will be in touch separately to discuss remote options or give you the opportunity to rearrange.

We will continue to monitor this situation and keep you informed if our approach changes.

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